i went to Rogers yesterday evening because my phone was being lame =o=. so then i went in... and i said to the guy
me: could you fix my phone? i cant text and call anyone since the afternoon!
guy: im sorry, we have been experiencing this problem the whole afternoon! even i cant use my phone...
me: oh what... so what can i do?
guy: all you can do is wait... and try to turn it on and off sometimes to retrieve the new signals back *takes my phone and tries to turn it off*

- while its turning off...-

guy: oh hey is that you? wow, plat blonde! *looks up at me and my hair*
me: oh uhh no... hahaha.
guy: oh really? looks like you
me: its a guy by the way. from korea
guy: WHAT you're kidding me. i've got to take a closer look when it turns on

-waits for phone to turn on-

guy: *stares at screen* what the ... thats a guy? *he shoves the phone to his coworker* guy or girl?
guy#2: *stares intently at my phone* girl
guy: its a guy!!
guy#2: whattttt

me: ..... so all i can do it wait? =o=

is anyone curious what picture is on my phone's bg?

G-D-G-D baby baby


imeem isnt working because its now under myspace == urghhh
i went to Lady Gaga's concert last night and it was VERY awesome. too awesome for words. she's such a good live singer and so hot LOL
i really wish she had sang Summerboy though ... :( damn it, got owned by Mabel ~_~
afterwards, i wanted to go for milkshake at mcdonalds but we went to blenz instead lol
the wildberry fruitchillo tasted very weird ...
i kinda miss blenz now because we would always customize our own drinks and add random stuff in.
i remember once when i worked with Mabel, we blended a marble loaf (vanilla and chocolate bread) with choco chips and yogurt and milk... and it tasted decent hahahaha. miss those times!

i finished a final yesterday ... but i still have 4 more to go.

live next Friday! lol .... when is our next practice anyways?

my plan for today is to clean up my room and see what i can bring to my new house. gahhh so much to do ==


just came back from curling with JA :D
man... so tired == and curling is SO cold...
my hand were all red and frozen lol
our team lost though but nonetheless it was fun 8D

^aint i pro 8D....

one more week of school left!! ... but that also means final time :(
it'll last 1.5 weeks for me... from dec 10 to dec 22. wtf? thats almost 2 weeks!
i really should start studying soon? ~_~... aiz

cant wait for xmas break though... even if it's just two weeks. i really do hope it doesnt snow at that time. last year's christmas, everyone was trapped at home for a month. so not cool :S
aiz... so tired. write more another day =o=


the tough week have past... and whats left for this week is the anthro presentation this Friday.
one more essay for that class, one more writing test for Japanese.... and i think im done until finals.

finals suck for me this term because my last final is on the 22nd. 3 days before xmas =o= FML.
i'm moving on the 23rd as well, which gives me approximately a bit less than 24 hours to pack all my shit and get it out of the house :S
im not very fond of the idea. at all.

mmm, i'm recently hooked to You're Beautiful this Korean drama~ hahaaha
WHICH, also got me hooked to one of the band members. Hongki from FT Island ><
what's happening! =O
damn Korean boys... :(

i just realized G Dragon and Hongki both have blonde hair. which i like. no, LOVE.
but also, they're both back to black now :(
damn it x.x

lol, crazy thing is, im bored of my hair colour again. what should i do >< i still want ash grey except it'll be a bitch to maintain Orz. dilemma here!
but yeah, this is the colour i want.

very very hard to get :(

anyways, i've been listening to A Boy alot, and the play count had went up to 480 plays in 10 days. shiet son =O
Heartbreaker is now at 292, with Breathe following in 3rd at 148.
I should get my heartbreaker album soon. and the "G" hoodie. lol 96 bucks man ....eff T_T

Lady Gaga's album was out yesterday! must get it tmr with pui sze!

oh btw, im watching lots of Family Outing today xD
dumb and dumber... what more can i say? =o=


oh em gee. havent updated for so long lol
much things have happened in the past 2 weeks again lol
so busy so busy =o=
anyways... after 2 more papers, 1 midterm and one more oral test then i would have a mini break. maybe? ==

JA's clubbing event is next FRIDAY!! Come please :D if you're interested... at all. msg me for tickets T_T

okay. at this point, i'm just gonna put up random pics from the last week

November 6- Kelly and Emily's belated dinner XD
man... haven't seen my high school friends for quite awhile. even though it was only the 5 of us and the rest are in hell studying for midterms, it was still good ;D

we were sitting in the patio at the keg and i swear it was one of the windiest nights in Vancouver. it was raining too == lol
nonetheless it was fun to see them again

November 7- Gen's farewell party :(

sigh.. it was pretty sad man. at least i was a bit down during the whole thing :S
people come and go but she's going to Toronto for 4 effing years =o=
we took massive puri again lol. very stuffy == after that we headed to Daimasu for dinner. im glad they took our crowd nicely

our crowd of like 17 people standing outside the restaurant xD

good luck on your studies at Sheridan, Gen!

November 9-10 Recording with x:Enders

man... i never knew recording would be so hard == and we went overtime by soo much. sigh... so troublesome =o=

well, lol
it was fun i guess? let's just wait till we hear the finished product

November 11- Date with Amelia XD

soooo, we wanted to watch Paranormal Activity for the longest time so we went to the movie theatre at Metro in the evening~
the movie was pretty good and i ask you all who have not seen it yet to watch it =]
very... suspenseful LOL
after that we went next door at Ajiwawa for Jap food XD
we ordered so much LOL but we managed to finish most of it , yoshh!
we also took puri~ so nice so nice=]

November 12 IHOP dinner with coworkers~

too bad Elle couldn't make it :(
we talked quite a bit that night. it was a nice chat though :D
i find it funny how i'm 19, Yuka is 2x, and Hiroko is 3x. LOL

as for now. ahhh dude i changed my bgm to G Dragon because i totally adore him now xD
have you guys seen his A Boy MV yet? oh em gee....
i think i need to link it up here

DAMN. so cute <3<3


haha too lazy to update these days ~_~
working 2 jobs, taking 5 courses and in a club ...
very hectic lol

I'm recently hooked onto Rentrer en Soi ~ they're SO good! Too bad they disbanded though... sigh.
can't believe its November already o.o... October was like ... a day ago >3<

i'm finally going to dye my hair again and say bye to my roots 8D
was gonna let Ashley do it... but I asked my manager at work today and he said he would do it for me :D LOL
so why not since im leaving soon anyways ==

raccoon tails here i come :D
i still wanna go grey though lol
but it'll look kinda weird with raccoon tails...
and i've been stalking Chisa's blog for more inspiration lol

thats my goal


i got a new hair cut lol
finally took my extensions out. finally....
red contacts ftw!


Sunday yo!
finally... i have no plans for today and i can actually sit back and relax and do some readings for school ~_~

lol FUCK OFF puri

im so glad all the JA interviews are over and things have been settled... the next thing is ... clubbing event =o=
fml Orz


finally sick. its been a while =o=
sigh.. i guess everything is just too overwhelming.
but damn, i've been so busy this week, i even studied on my bday ==
and now that everything is done, i'm sick D:

Deluhi phone strap arrived today =]


I've downloaded 9goat's Bright Garden DVD for awhile now but i only had the time to watch it the last few days.
In my opinion, it wasn't that great actually ... =o=
probably because i've watched them live already? their live was just so gooood >3<
but the dvd... hmm LOL
im glad i didnt buy it yet XD

anyways, yesterday was my bday :D holy shit... finally 19 man
wheres my booze D:
thought i would have partied late but.... i had a midterm today == (which ended so i actually have time to update now... lol)
so then i went to well tea with Melly Woman and study ~
i swear im gonna get some vodka and beer on the weekend


i want my smirnoff ice

just came back from a dinner at Zakkushi~

the food was pretty good. the hentaiko udon .. LOL ... wasnt that great though ~_~ need to go to nanchuu for more...

pic with Cat! she turned so red after the alcohol...but i guess u cant really tell from this lighting lol

ignore my face... lol but pic with Yenju

with Jake!

with Jin~ LOL thanks for the present as well...

with Kai. HOLY lol he looks so young wtf! even i look older =o=
i can feel the aging process now...

the picture with Rita is blurred...so i only have this :(

i shall upload an epic video later lol


nevermind. it's ongoing =]

ah ..super busy this weekend. had a whole day of work (again)
but i get to see lots of ppl tmr~ and possibly gonna watch a movie again lol

ubc ja interviews start this coming monday, i cant wait :D
come to me, my execs~....LOL

i'm really addicted to a Renny Amy song.

and of course, Beautiful Dirty Rich. =]




the Kanye thing is the past, let's KEEP it the past??? how the fuck can they just cancel Lady Gaga's FAME KILLS TOUR just because of the taylor swift incident? =o=

I wanted to see Lady Gaga for the longest frikking time in my life... and now it's canceled???

dude, i never even hated Kanye in my life. I'm not too sure about that anymore



can't you see you belong with me?

oh damn it
so cute


yesterday's live was quite successful... nonetheless of the delayed set up and soundcheck ~_~

thank you everyone for coming to x:Ender's bandshow last night!
other than the weather ... we all had a lot of fun right?
the windy weather was very cold though ... so the last 2 hours before the show we all stayed inside Kai's car =o=

as for upcoming lives, we really don't know.
we might stop doing lives for awhile, because we really want to get some recording done.
hopefully soon? haha

as for pictures... here goes again!

i loved my hair alot! hahaha
loved the top hat :D got it at Closet Child for 800yen only!
thanks Yenju <3

hahaha i like that one last pic alot =]

and crappy pic from my phone lol

damn... i'll miss the stage for awhile (again)

and seriously... why don't ppl just be prepared and bring their amps? stupid ppl asking me for mine == wtfooo


holy shit
i really need to clean up my frd list


sexpot tokyo hired a new girl called Ai? did they kick Aki out =o=...

i'm still seeting Mayumi updating but Aki...
damn. LOL

that new girl doesn't look as hardcore


recently, i'm thinking whether or not i should quit Blenz yet. the thing that's keeping me are the people and customers. and my boss is just so nice >3<. but then... out of the 7 coworkers... thing are changing. sides / groups are starting to form and things are getting a little complicated. and certainly... the con of staying is the pay for the job ==. i didn't mind it at first, but for everything that we do there, i certainly think we deserve better. and if we're already forming groups and letting the gap sink in between everyone.. i don't really see the purpose of staying any longer.
however, our blenz is going to renovate soon. the new outlook, from what i've heard at least, is going to be quite awesome. (hahaa) but still... closing shifts are still one person and of course... the same pay. (but the new LCD menus do sound quite intimating)

as for my new job... i like it there alot too. everyone is, again, very nice. at least the ones who talk to me... lol. there are the "cool" ones who don't really say anything but i'm okay with that because at least it seems more realistic. i actually still don't know my pay yet... but i think it's minimum wage? (which is like how i started at Blenz except i got a raise there .. lol) but i do certainly hope i'll get a raise sooner and more here. working here of course, isn't as tiring. at least i get to sit and chill, and talk about... random things with my coworkers xD shift isn't so bad either. only 5 hours each time and the latest time i get off is 8:30.

but at the same time, i think i do need two jobs... since i'm completely in debt right now and i plan to repay everyone by the end of the year. but next year, i'll be spending quite a few hundred dollars on cosplays and conventions. not to mention that i need to do band things.

it seems like i have no more time for myself either. its either school, work, work, club, school, work..... lol
quoting pui sze here "fuck, we have no life!" lol.


i am now searching for a Madame Red and a Sebastien. anyone interested? lol


im already getting bored of my current hair colour :(
the colour has changed ...again. its so brown and yellow now.
where did the ash go? ==

might redye it soon... probably after my bday though. in case i screw up the colour and make it look even worst lol

OH and... come to x:Ender's next live at Richmond night market on Sept 26!
we're playing at 9:30pm. dont miss it!

damn.. love that top hat lol


my new job starts tomorrow o.o...
and i think i'll love it LOL

its going to be hectic man... first i have school, then club... band (and we are getting very lazy these days ==)... and two jobs.

oh god lol

i really should stop spending money on food. especially at school. i should start bringing lunch or smth. that way.. i can save like $40 a week on food ==

btw, i really like Summerboy by Lady Gaga these days. LOL check it out!


Gizmo is disbanding :(
how is that fucking possible.
and i wont be able to watch them ever again... their last live is at the end of the month. frik


uhh... i dont know why the japan post have so many codings ==
a lot of the stuff i wrote are gone and replaced by those codes

but whatever, im not gonna edit it anymore ==


new layout!
credits to Shiyu <3<3<3
frik i love it lol


and i am back!

okay... so im back from the trip to Japan... damn i miss that city already. but its so cruel... everyone is broke when you're there but when u escape from that, you'll miss it ==

and because the trip is so amazing, i'm going to blog about what happened everyday during the 2 weeks of my stay... from memory lol so there might be more details in the later dates (especially the lives lmao)

Day 1~ Aug 20 @ Asakusa/ Tawaramachi
the flight to japan was 9ish hrs and honestly, my ass was numb from sitting so long == got to japan at around 3 ish.. we past through the gates pretty quickly and got our luggages without much trouble either. we went to get tickets for the limited express line from narita airport to ueno station. its supposed to be 90 mins but we arrived earlier than expected. from ueno, we switched to the ginza line to go to tawaramachi station which is where our hostel is. we got a bit lost at a point because we couldnt find the ginza line. luckily we saw a metro station help counter and the ppl there gave us a map of the subway and directed us. things went smoothly after that... until we reached Tawaramachi's stn... THERE WERE NO ELEVATORS/ ESCALATORS. we're like "oh shit, now what do we do?" the staircase that goes up were 3 floors high and super steep. so we had to carry the damn luggage up those stairs == i actually stretched my lower back abit (sigh) and my luggage was 21 kg! Orz... once we got out of the station, we started to look for our hostel. we may have turned earlier or smth and couldn't find our hostel at all... we circled around the area again under the boiling sun, carrying our luggages... we tried to look for people to ask but no one was around @@ until we saw an obaasan (the owner of a convenient store) and she immediately pointed out the hostel to us. so nice!!! okay after more walking.. we finally reached our hostel.

we checked in and paid for the fee we owe then got into our room. it was quite small actually, but it wasn't bad. we unpacked some stuff and rested abit with the AC turned to max LOL afterwards, we simply decided to just walk around our area to be more "familiar" with it and wont get lost. we also went to this shopping center thats just 3 minutes away from our hostel called ROX. theres also a 24hr konbini at the basement level so we went there to chill and to get some fruits. we also bought our first dinner there LOL epiccccc

Day 2~ Aug 21 @ Asakusa/ Shibuya O- East (Another Story)
since we slept quite earlier the previous night (8/9pm) we woke up at 2am that day... and couldn't really go back to sleep. we managed to lay in bed until 6 ish though... Nina is coming to our ryokan that day though.. so we waited for her arrival before we went for lunch. it was almost 1pm and nina still wasnt there... but actually her and her frd have already checked in so the front desk called them down to meet us. it was my first time meeting her after knowing her for 3 years... so it was really epic XD after that, Nina and her friend Heidi continued to unpack while Melissa and I went for lunch. we came back right after though because we need to get ready for the live that night at Shibuya O- East. we left the hostel at around 2:30 to go to Shibuya with Nina. once we got there... the environment and atmosphere is so much more different than Tawaramachi! we see all these tall buildings and huge tv screens and of course... gazillion ppl at those super wide crosswalks. anyways, we started to walk to our destination... while being totally lost in the middle of Shibuya == we asked some ppl on the street and they kindly tried their best to guide us while talking to us with broken eng and we're responding in bad jap LOL. in the end, they hired a taxi for us because they're not exactly sure what it is but they know for sure its really near. we got in the taxi and the driver drove around, kinda lost as well. however, he seems to know where it is but because he cannot drive in that alley, he pointed out the direction to us and just dropped us off at a crosswalk, WITHOUT CHARGING US ANYTHING. very epic @@ we walked down some alleys and reached a 7-11. i saw this jrock looking fangirl there so i asked her where it was and indeed it was just down the road XDwe got to Shibuya O- East and saw MANY jrock fans... smth that surprised me is that they're all dressed so nicely... in kimonos, in high heels, epic gyaru hair styles... etc. after 15 more minutes, they started to let us in by our numbers. during the line up, we met an american guy who was alone. his name was Kenston and apparently hes a super huge An Cafe fan LOL. anyways, after awhile we all got in thinking that "we're doomed because we're so far back in line!" but noo!!! Japanese fans are AWESOME. they spread out EVERYWHERE lol! and so we were quite near the front (yes i love to break my neck but i dont care) everyone was chatting when suddenly we hear sounds of the band sound checking behind the curtains. we honestly didn't know which band is first... Kenston said its the order from right to left on the ticket but it wasn't... so weird x.X anyways, soon the lights dim and it was pitch black, then the curtains slowly opened and ppl started cheering. apparently, the first band was LiZ. i didnt know them that well... but they were really good... that's all i rmbed XD i didn't headbang much though.. gonna save my energy for my fav band later (HAHAHA) after them was Sel'm... and oh man, they were SO GOOD!! everything went great and they played with lots of energy! (i totally regret not buying merch from them T_T) after them were DEATHGAZE. imo, they're a really great band and i liked alot of their songs beforehand, but their live... was lacking something. it was good but not great so i was slightly disappointed with their performance. Deluhi was next and they totally made me high XDD they didnt sing Irony and Ivory though... but they did sing Two Hurt, Recall, skapegoat, hybrid truth...etc. watching them made my mood better (lol) and i started to headbang alot, not even caring about my hair anymore. i thought Deluhi performed the best so far. at this point, it is already more than halfway through the bands which meant only ScReW, Moran and 9goats are left and i expected Screw to play last. the 5th band started to sound check and i kept thinking to myself "am i hearing two guitars?" its totally like... a sudden rush of adrenaline XD i kept staring at Nina and shaking my head but then the curtains opened and right in front of me, i see Manabu's guitar on the stand. Nina and I practically jumped up and down (shes a kazuki fan but she stood on the left side with me) the intro played and its their mongrelism track from Racial Mixture @@ Yuuto and Jin came out at the same time. yuuto was really cute hahaha and he kept blowing kisses at our direction. then... MANABU AND KAZUKI came out while Nina and I basically stared at them. well of course Manabu came to the left side and i just kept staring LOL (AND BECAUSE HE HAD HIS SHAVED HAIR AGAIN) then of course Byou came out last and EVERYONE screamed for him lmao... so many fans.... anyways, they started to play Death's Door FOC version and it was so hot o.o everyone was so into it LOL and then... these Kazuki fangirls in kimonos (but on the left side of the stage...==) started to jumped into us. they basically just run from afar and crash into us... like.. ouch that gotta hurt lmao they also played Molder... my fav song from that album xD and well... the rest i wont go into more details because it'll take forever ==. after Screw... was Moran and again, like LiZ, i dont have much memory of them and i used this chance to get my drink with the ticket @@. I didnt leave yet because 9goats is too awesome to miss. and i was right... they were really really good that night. and they sang Float as well! awesomeness~ that night, i spent more than 100 cad on live goods ==

Day 3~ Aug 22 @ Shibuya / Earth
i woke up without much neck/ shoulder pain (surprisingly :D) but we woke up at 6:30am ... better than the previous night. our plan today was to go to shibuya Earth and get our hair done. Nina and Heidi came along as well~ once we got to the salon, they started with our hair immediately. everything took 3-4 hrs... and by the time we're done it was already 2ish. we walked around Shibuya 109 and Melissa went crazy @@... after that we went to eat parfait and it was sooooo goood!! after that, we walked around the streets... went into HMV... etc hahaha. in HMV, theres actually a section for jrock called "Visual Rock Music"... funny... and its a super small section as well @@ sighhh

we headed backi to Tawaramachi afterwards and got dinner from the konbini again, but also, we got beer this time XD cuz i've been craving is for awhile.... LOL

Day 4~ Aug 23 @ Harajuku
This was one of the best days for me (LOL) because we went to Harajuku <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_xlADqZ6vpKA/Sqc4QtfiTwI/AAAAAAAAAKo/M08kRNCPcFI/s1600-h/DSC09047.JPG">. in like a day @@ we met up with Nina and Heidi in the morning to breakfast. we went to Jonathan's ... LOL and we had omelette rice <3>3<. they were pretty man... and i still remember that Megu is prettier irl!! her skin is so frikking good o.o... Aki looks better in pictures though lol... typical?? i used so much money there its so intense! at the end, i asked Megu for a picture.. and i quickly added because im from Canada... u know just in case she's like "why does this girl want a pic with me .." but yeah she was really nice :D after that... we left Harajuku early because Melissa's feet hurted alot :( that night, we went to Mos Burger and i finally had melon soda. at first, i thought it would taste like actual melon... but i guess i was wrong lmao. their burgers were good though :) cant wait for more lol

Day 5~ Aug 24 @ Shinjuku/ Kabuki Cho
we were SO lost this day @@.. Shinjuku is so confusing lol. we took the kabuki cho exit but went back to the other side because we ended up at Marui One! well, nonetheless we walked around there before we headed for lunch. there were many cute shops!! and of course i stopped at SPR again to buy stuff... ~_~. there was also a cute guy working there!!! hehehe! after that we went to Zeallink .... and we found dauto's outfits on display!! so hot @@... and its the ones they wore before too!! anyways... after Marui One, we went back out and started to walk around again until suddenly from the corner of my eyes... I SEE KABUKICHO'S SIGN! we were sooo happy (and excited) and quickly got there and found the restaurant for some donburi~ after lunch, we wandered around the area and saw MANY MANY host posters everywhere. so amazing LOL. they all have a typical hairstyle == we decided to go back at night (to look at hosts) so we went to the other side of shinjuku and there we found closet child (good for me XD). i couldn't find Like an edison though... so we gave up and just sat at a coffee shop for 2.5 hrs because we're waiting for the evening to arrive to go to kabukicho LOL. well after the sky turned dark, we went back to kabukicho and there were SO many hosts on the streets already! it was only like 7pm?? sooo funny LOL they're all handing lil mini fliers and asking me and Melissa "do you have some time?" "do you have an hour free?" LOL a host handed us his fans with his face on it too! but we didnt take it ... (which Melissa fully regretted). we worked abit more and saw this tourist from hong kong. she was middle- aged and was holding onto some of the hosts' fliers and talking to herself in canto "let me find one who isn't that bad looking!" (which was translated from what she actually said "dung ngor wun fan goh mo gum yern sui geh sin" LOL it was SO epic! like wtf hahha! she's so desperate! anyways, we were pretty tired from all the walking and shopping that day so we went back to asakusa. that was pretty much it~

Day 6~ Aug 25 @ Ometesando/ Ueno/ Akihabara
by day 6, both Melissa and I were already pretty broke so we were really glad that we're not going to do any shopping today. together with Nina, we left the hostel around 10:30 to go to Ometesando. Melissa wanted to see the DBSK showcase at Ometesando Hills but it wasn't there anymore! (at least we couldn't find it :( ) so i cant take a pic of "Junsu" lol. we were a bit disappointed but to avoid buying anything there (since ometesando isn't cheap) and from going to Harajuku (which is super near Ometesando) we left the area and went to Ueno! Melissa's coworker told her that there is a REALLY good ramen store there and so we're going to hunt it down... only to find that we didnt bring any info == so we're walking randomly on the streets again to find a ramen store. it seems like god is playing with us or smth because we cant find ANY ramen store... so we ended up going to this cafe. their lime cheesecake looked good so i ordered that as my lunch xD we visited some small street shops after lunch. there were SO many stores >3< on the way... i found BLENZ coffee!!! it was so epic because i never expected to see Blenz there! made me miss my coworkers and my boss. after that we went to Akihabara and there were so many electronic stores! and lots of maids promoting their maid cafes as well xD we also went into this manga building (theres like 8 floors and everything is manga / anime..) and these guys who were cosplaying stood outside the entrance and handed out fliers. epicccc anyways, there wasn't much to do so we went back to the Ryokan. Nina went out with Heidi at night while Melissa and I just stayed. we were hungry eventually and decided to get some cheap bentos nearby. it was only 250 yen too and it tasted soooo good! the obaasan who sold it to us liked us and gave me and Melissa both a candy xD she complimented on my nails too LOL we went back home to eat, only to find out that it was a Tuesday night and that KOISHITE AKUMA IS GOING TO AIR ON TV AT 10 PM. but since we didnt watch the episode before the one japan is going to air, Melissa and I were on the computer watching episode 7 on drama crazy at 9pm LOL. without speakers too so we were just depending on the subs :( finally it was 10 and we were very anxious for it to air. hahhahaa!! Nina and Heidi joined us watching that episode as well! and Nina really liked that "bad" vampire == she said he's hot while Melissa and I were like ...uhhhhh Nakayama Yuma is way better LOL (damn i feel so illegal to think Yuma is hot) it was a great episode .... except it was sometimes hard for me to understand since there were no subs so i kept asking melissa XDDD damn i love that show

Day 7~ Aug 26 @ Asakusa
we dont have much plan for today... so we just basically walked around our area. we walked to the shrine eventually though and so we went in and prayed LMAO! on our way, we saw some manjaa and i bought a sesame one~ it was good =] so at the shrine.. i bought some of the charm things for my family and some incents (is that how u call it?... x.x) for putting it into the tub thing full of it LOL. ppl swap the smoke towards themselves from head to toe because they claim it brings them good luck, so of course we did that too. we walked into the shrine and threw some coins in to pray~ when we walked out, i suddenly felt so "calm" and "peaceful" LOL epiccc
after that, we went to a ramen shop for lunch. it was a cheap meal but the ramen was so good!!!
(i really miss japan ramen ><) it was mid afternoon by then and we have nothing to do but we went back to the ryokan anyways. Nina and Heidi didnt go anywhere that day either so we went to Starbucks afterwards for a drink. we sat on the window seats that goes in a row so we all in a straight parallel line. at some point, these 3 guys on bikes parked right outside the starbucks and one of them looked at us and started to do a dance in front of us to make us laugh LOL he was like shaking legs and doing these hand motions while the 4 of us just stared at him thinking if we should laugh or still calm. when the dude left, we eventually broke out laughing xD lameass...
we went to the konbini under rox again for dinner (i seriously ate a lot of dinner at that place...) and we got some sushi xD went back to eat in our room at the ryokan and that was our day~

Day 8~ Aug 27 @ Ikebukuro / Odaiba
today, we met up with Saori and Haruka at Ikebukuro station! it took us a while to find each other though...but we did in the end so it was all good :D first, we went to Sunshine City because Haruka really loves it there~ LOL she also brought us to ColdStone which is this REALLY good ice cream shop!! everything is so good and they put so many things inside like fruits/ cakes/ etc! and then they'll squish everything together on the pan. you can also request them to sing for you too!! but yeah... one of the best ice cream i've ever had xDD after walking around the mall, we went outside to walk along the streets. it was getting hot and we got a bit hungry so we had bakudanyaki (which is this super big version of takoyaki) and damn.... so good @@ and theres so many stuff inside! i feel so ripped off eating takoyaki at vancouver == LOL anyways... Saori got a text from Tomii saying that he just got off the plane!! so we went to the Ikebukuro station to see him :D he had to go home though because he just got off the plane...so then the 4 of us went to Odaiba to look at the GUNDAMS (muahahahaha)! we got to the DECKS around and saw the radio station. they invited a guest of some sort and there were SO many ppl huddling around the windows! i went to take a peek but didnt know who it was... LOL. we saw the rainbow bridge (which was located right behind us) so we took a lot of pictures there. the scenary was so pretty!!! when we finished taking pictures, we made a 10 minutes walk along the beach area to see the gundam display! it was so huge and 1:1 life size!! @@ amazing! it also moves and talks too and its telling us not to pollute the environment and to save the earth or smth.... epic win! after the gundam, we were already pretty exhausted from walking the whole day so we just headed back home seperately....

Day 9~ Aug 28 @ Shibuya
this day, we met up with Tomii and Haruka at the starbucks at Shibuya~ apparently, its the starbuck with the best sales worldwide!! we headed out to go for lunch at a curry rice restaurant... but we kept looking and walking and still can't find it. we checked online again and it seems like its closed == so we went to another curry rice restaurant that they both recommended. and damn... best curry rice ever!! i never knew chicken and raddish would taste that good with curry lmao! anyways, after the nice lunch we walked around shibuya a bit again. on the way, i saw this big big gazette dim poster on a building and i quickly took a pic XD we decided to take puri afterwards and i found out that boys cannot go take purikuras as a group!! no boys are allowed unless they're with a girl! o.o wtf? its funny though... @@ anyways, they machines were so awesome! it made everyone's eyes look super big, even Tomii's, which was hilarious! Haruka had to leave early because she has work at night so Tomii, Melissa and I went to THE LOCK UP! it was awesome dude! its an izakaya designed like a haunted house!! so before we went into the restaurant, we had to go through this mini haunted house. the girl in front of us was sooo freaked out, she was hanging onto her bf the whole time LOL anyways, we got in and waited for a while for them to give us the table. finally a girl dressed as a cop or something came up to us and handcuffed me and Melissa and led us to our table (which was inside a prison cell XD) sooo cool hahha. the restaurant wasn't as expensive as i thought and they have super amazing drinks!! we all shared something and took lots of pictures =] Tomii ordered sake at one point and i got red from drinking like 3 cups == Tomii drank the rest of it but he didnt get red at all == after dinner, we met up with Saori at the station and its the last time i can see them until the next time i go to japan again :( kinda sad but i know i'll see them again soon haha. anyways, as we headed back to the stn entrance for the ginza line, we saw a live band playing right outside so Melissa and I went to check them out. we didnt know who they are until some guy gave us a flier of them and they were called Jack Rose. the guitarist suddenly threw his pick at our direction and i was totally going to step on it but one of their fangirls turned around and picked it up so i stopped picking it up. however, she stood up and gave the pick to me LOL i was like o.O and she bowed and turned around to headbang again LMAO epic win man! anyways, we looked at the flier again and realized that they're one of the bands that we're going to see tomorrow night!!

Day 10~ Aug 29 @ Urawa Narciss
today... was one of the most memorable day ever! theres a live that night at Urawa. Nina is coming as well and we went there pretty early because we dont want to get lost or anything. Urawa is at Saitama and so we took the train for 30 mins to get there. we exited the station and wandered around the area. it was really easy to find the live house though so we went to grab some lunch at this cafe. the food was decent and the spaghetti was good >3< (honestly... all the food i had at japan was super good) when we finished lunch, it was still really early so we went to Isetan to walk around. obviously, that place is too $$ for us and there were practically no ppl our age (lmao) when it was around 3 ish, we walked to Narciss to start lining up. oh mind u, that place was SO ghetto >3<... LOL and there were 3 girls whos already there. at first, we stood near the front and discussing whether we should sit down or not until suddenly, this girl in super casual clothing (tshirt and slacks and NO MAKE UP) walked down from the street and turned into our building. i looked at her, then looked and Nina, then looked back at the girl. then i basically held onto Nina's arm ...

me: hey... isnt that Thera o.o
Nina: o.o what...
me:*stares at the girl again who is now walking into the building* her... thats Thera from Danger Gang
by then, the both of us were so hyped up XD while Melissa just stood there and thought we're crazy LOL finally, we decided to sit down so we sat beside the girls and i introduced ourselves to them. they were really surprised that we're foreigners and they were really nice :D we sat for awhile again... and we saw Rei walking in with full make up and costume .... like RIGHT ON! she smiled at us and bowed, saying "Otsukaresamadeshita~" she was so pretty o.o... and imo, she's not exactly that skinny irl LOL anyways, we waited till 4 until they started to sell us the tickets we reserved. (THANK YOU KRYSTAL <3)>3<) one of them was Claudia and the other was Stefania~ i met other japanese fangirls too and they're so surprised when i said i was from Canada XD they were like "EHHH sugee!" (why is it the same reaction everytime...) anyways, the first band who played was i was Lilas. hahaa we had a lot of fun time with their drummer afterwards xD he came out to sell their merch and he kept giving us that look going like "come over and buy stufff~~" anyways, Nina went over because she thoguht they were good and their drummer (Mitsuki) pointed at her chest tattoo and complimented so much about her. that totally made her go crazy about him the next few hours @@. when we went back to the stage area, she just kept talking about him on and on LOL so we kinda went back because Nina wants to buy more stuff from them. this time, we told him we're not japanese and he's like "ehh! English?? ano... I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU~" lmao!! holy shit == then nina was like @@ omgggg i dont want to faint LMAO. so then she was trying to pay attention at the albums. then Mitsuki went like "ahh u wanna buy something? what do you want? Album, チェキ?俺?” Nina totally regretted that she said album ~_~. anyways... the second band was Vettic! they were SO awesome and i'm glad i had first row previlege HEHEHEHE. they had so many fans as well! because a group of fans were discussing where to stand in the first row. i loved their songs! it was really great and their hair is amazing as usual. but i really did like the raccoon hair... haha. after they played, another band came out and i didnt know who they are. but the guitarist quickly captured my attention because he was so cute and hot >3<>3<>3<... i felt really bad because i didn't even know the guitarist's name LMAO (which i learned was Tomo the next day because i stalked his site) anyways, i was like "omg.. will the guitarist come out later to sell their merch?? ><" so i waited a few minutes but to my disappointment, their other guitarist came out == well of course i had to buy their things right? so i went over to their table (which happened to be right beside Lilas ==) while trying to avoid the drummer's gaze and i got their album and bought some chekis... (it was awkward though because the next band started while i was buying the cheki so i felt kinda bad @@) anyways, i quickly paid and the guitarist went back inside while Nina and I just stood at the merch area watching the next band (which was GizeL) we waited till they finished until we went back to our table near the front. while i was putting the merch in my bag, Nina pulled on my arm and said "LOOK BEHIND!! ITS THAT GUITARIST WHO KEPT LOOKING AT YOU!" i was like WTF and turned and there he is, standing right there next to... Vettic's merch table with one of their members==... well anyways, i was like omg! i should go talk to him LOL so again, Melissa, Nina and I went back to the merch area while Nina wandered towards the drummer of Lilas again... then i saw the girl who was headbanging with me during Gizmo's perf and she was talking with that guitarist (Tomo)... for SO LONG and all i did was wandering around her with Melissa and going like omg should i just wait?? after what seemed forever, the girl left and went back to the stage area. the guitarist looked at me and smiled again >3<>_< well ="="">3<>< sugeee ="="" style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 180px;" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_xlADqZ6vpKA/SqNUsZHHtbI/AAAAAAAAAJg/O4W6avoiX-M/s320/DSC09326.JPG" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5378235501642233266" border="0">ahh well, we left so unwillingly after that ... and we kept talking about a guy non stop during the train ride. i was talking about Tomo, Nina talking about Mitsuki and Melissa liked Tatsuki from auncia xD when we got back it was around 11pm which meant the live was super long... that night while watching TV, i couldn't even lift my neck up because it hurts so damn much T_T okay i better end the day here or this entry will explode

Day 11~ Aug 30 @ Takadanobaba AREA
this day i woke with a surprise. my neck / shoulder area does not hurt at all!! very very happy LOL in the morning, we met up with Nina and Heidi for lunch ~~ we went to Sushi Ichiban which is a sushi restaurant 2 blocks away from our Ryokan. at first, i thought its a shop with the rotating belt... but once we stepped inside, we didnt see any == well we already went in and it was only us at that time so we just stayed for lunch anyways. we ordered some sushi and i ordered an extra uni sushi (because i love uni too much lol) the waitor served us some egg dish too and it was really good o.o (honestly, how can japanese food all taste so good ><) the chef made the sushi right in front of us (because we were at the bar area) and he was so fast LOL he gave us our food but a bit too much == we didn't even order two of the dishes so we gave one back while nina just kept one of them x.x the food was awesome though >3< (this is making me hungry right now and im craving harajuku crepes ==) then we went to Takadanobaba after that. we went earlier because Heidi and Nina wanted to buy tickets at the venue and we were worried because the live is already sold out @@ when we got to the station, it started to rain quite heavily so we were trying to find AREA while walking in the rain. we walked pretty far down but still couldn't find it so i went inside a random starbucks and it seems like we walked the wrong way from the station == so we had to go all the way back to the train, crossed the street, and kept going straight. then BAM, we found it, we dont even need to go into any alleys. its just right there on the main road LOL with AREA on the banner. well, we were still early and we had nothing to do and no one was there obviously... so we went to a nearby mcdonalds for ice cream (while also hoping we can bump into Manabu and Jin because they love mcdicks too much). i ordered a strawberry sundae... but they ran out of strawberries so they gave me chocolate instead T_T anyways, we waited up there for quite some time (and we saw alot of jrock looking ppl there too) Nina and Heidi left after a while though, they were going back to check if they can get tickets. when it was around 4 pm, we left and just wandered around the area around the venue. we saw more fans then and also met two girls from Germany AGAIN. two other ones though.. LOL one of them was Anna... and i forgot the other girl's name >3< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_xlADqZ6vpKA/SqYRbIM04wI/AAAAAAAAAJw/AgzFskECVoU/s1600-h/DSC09335.JPG">the street actually has number taped on the wall, so its like 50, 100, 150, 200..etc and u stand according to the number on ur ticket. my number was coincidentally 382 hehehe. anyways, once we actually got inside, the place was PACKED. @@ Melissa and I quickly charged up to the front but we were still pretty far back... around 5/6th row from the front. however, it felt so good to be inside a room with AC. theres also this girl who stood right in front of me and she was super tall == ahh... why cant these ppl just stay at the back. everyone was so squished at this live, it reminded me of the lives back in america... (well of course it's not as bad as VAMPS, i dont think any lives can be as bad as that one). anyways, the first band that played was ValettA. they were so fun!!! i kept jumping around with the crowd, to the left and to the right (and thats how i moved and didnt need to stand behind the tall girl :D). i was like headbanging with the girl next to me who i learned was called Ryoka. her english was pretty good by the way~ we started to talk and i met the frd she came to the live with (but was wayyy over at the back) called Niho... or smth. when the next band started to sound check we were both so excited XD. like seriously, she looks so normal, but when the bands play, she headbangs the most and screams so hardcore O.O so then the next band up, was born. which was one of the reason i came to this live. damn they were good. they were TOO good! Ryouga is like singing god. his onstage persona is to die for!!! they're so crazy and everything is just so perfect and flawless @@ (i think their performance is the best one i've seen out of all jrock bands. sorry giru...) and Ryouga had new hair too! its neon pink o.o... like Sug's Takeru's previous one except it looks 10x better on Ryouga. at one point, Ryouga drank water from his bottle and spit it out at us x.x (oh so clean) and it practically got all over my face. it went on my hair for sure == it even got into Melissa's eyes LOL. their performance was very memorable... after them was vistlip!!! hahaa i quite like them but their perf was only okay. maybe because it was right after born's? i dont remember much about them... because the next band was ScReW!!! Melissa and I didn't even know ...so we were pretty far back from the stage ><>3<. next songs were molder, kairos... they played those again. and a very slow song which i forgot.. i only remembered it was from the FOC album. during the live, Byou crouched down right in front of us and he reached out his hand to the fans (he grabbed Melissa's hand too!!) and i just kinda touched his arm. but... the most epic part was that when Manabu leaned down, his vneck shirt was kinda loose and when i reach up, i fucking touched his chest >3< LOL best moment ever lmao. i remember that the skin was really soft and smooth... okay i wont get into details but .... #$%@$!$#%@. anyways, they left the stage way too early :( and after their performance, 30% of the audience left already .. lol but i stayed to watch Dio. Erina is leaving after all so... why not? they have quite a few fans themselves! Mikaru looked hot and i regretted not being on Kei's side. oh well, at least i get to see Ivy and Erina most of the time. and again... Mikaru crouched down at a point LOL and ppl were reaching out to grab his hand. (including me:D) i wont get into details but he does alot of sexual stuff crouching down == i mean... his crotch level was basically where all the hands are == i'm not very familiar with Dio songs but there were lots of screaming in it, hence i headbanged alot again. they played well though :D it was a good performance from them. i knew the last band is going to be Ando and i'm not exactly interested in them, so Melissa and I went outside to go to the merch table to buy stuff. i spent the most at born's this time XD after buying things, we went back inside watching Ando's performance from far away but it was still a pretty good view. they're alright but i thought they looked weird. (Nina said the vocalist looks like me... wtf? LOL) well I knew Nina loved them so i went back out to line up for Ando's merch table. during the wait, soooo many girls were huddling around Dio's merch table and buying their chekis! the box started out with at least 200+ but by the time they left... there were only like 30 left LOL. hardcore x.x i got 2 Kei chekis myself and i think he sprayed perfume on it or something because it smells really nice... whereas the Mikuru one didn't smell like anything? finally, Ando's performance was over and the person in charge of their merch came out and i quickly bought something and left the venue. it was bringing slightly when we got out but luckily, it was close to the station so we fast walked there XD. i was really tired by the time we went back to the Ryokan. we stayed up till pretty late though... but i realyl forgot what we did lol

Day 12~ Aug 31 @ Harajuku
today we woke up pretty late... but it was Harajuku day again!! :D:D the only bad thing is.... it was raining REALLY hard ~_~ it was also Nina and Heidi's last day :( but we went to Harajuku in the morning together to take puris~ damn i love their machines SO damn much. so cheap and pretty! after that, we started to shop (while carrying umbrellas). we bought more stuff and i went into Sexpot Revenge (the one i didn't go in last time) but once i got there... I FOUND THE SHIRRING PANTS i've wanted since forever @@ so grateful and happy XD Nina and Heidi left right after that because they need to head to the airport :( damn i miss them! after they left, Melissa and I were a bit hungry so we quickly headed for the crepes!! and guess which one we went to?? >3<... Japan crepes are so good! idk why .... but they all look so pretty!!! gah i miss crepes T_T we were also eating with while in the rain so with one arm clinging onto all bags and umbrella holding onto the crepe, i used my other hand to eat it with the spoon @@... so hectic. anyways, after delicious crepes (mine was strawberry, icecream and whip cream btw :D) after that, we went to Laforet because i wanted to go to Like an Edison. omg... so many hot things there!! i really wanted to get a ring there but it was too big to fit my pinky so i gave up on it. i shouldnt have though ..because i deeply regret it now Orz. then... we headed over to SexPot Tokyo AGAIN, because I WANT TO SEE MAYUMI! D: .... and fml it was only Aki there that day Orz. i bought some more stuff ... and just left. (but i did take a picture at the mirror where the changing room is :D) we also saw Takuya Angel. BUT DAMN THEY WERE CLOSED THAT DAY!!!! my chance to see Sisen... is ruined.... T_T FML. we went back home after shopping because it was raining like hell :(... we had ramen at a really good restaurant that night though!! that restaurant was on tv like 2 weeks before and ever since then, there has been line up and stuff. but indeed, the ramen was great xDD

Day 13~ Sept 1 @ Tsukiji (Market)/ Ueno
we woke up super early today to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market with Haruka!! we were suppose to meet at the Tsukiji station at 9... but we were super late and i forgot to bring her cell phone number @@ ... around 9:30, we suddenly saw her crossing the street!! LMAO so yeah, we met up eventually. we started to head to the market and there were so many ppl!! even foreigners!! we wanted to look for a place to eat before 11 because after that, the restaurants are usually really busy but when we got there around 10 ish, some restaurants were already lined up with so many people!! we decided to have some donburi so we stood outside and waited for around 20 mins~ damn.... uni is so good there!! i want more of it >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_xlADqZ6vpKA/SqctOMYrrcI/AAAAAAAAAKI/5nDXYfX4XAw/s1600-h/DSC09370.JPG">e! T_T we walked around more and i saw such a cool wall bg on one of the levels i quickly took a pic of it. hothot. anyways... after that we got out of the shopping center and right next to it is a crepe/ bbt store. and i bought a bbt to try how it tastes like. its pretty much the same as vancouver's except the size is way smaller... and the pearls here are better lol! (really should have gotten their crepes...) we went back to Asakusa together and walked around Rox. there really wasnt much thing to do... so we bid farewell with Haruka soon :( we went back to the hostel to pack our stuff since we're leaving the next day... but for dinner that night, we went to another nice ramen restaurant for dinner! it was awkward though because it was only us who's inside. no one else was there... maybe because its a tuesday night? @@... i ordered sesame flavoured ramen and it comes with anmitsu too XD so good... hahaha. we went back to the hostel after dinner though because we're gonna prepare ourselves with KOISHITE AKUMA again~~ we also found out we can charge our ipods with the computer so we quickly did that before the drama started. and omg... the drama just keeps getting better >< after the show, we packed some more and headed for bed T_T our last night at Japan ....sigh

Day 14~ Sept 2 @... Tawaramachi/ Narita Airport
this day is depressing :( we woke up at 8 in order to check out at 10. we left our luggages at the hostel and told them we'll be back at 2 to pick it up. my bag was heavy ...because i placed all my cds and stuff inside. =o= we had breakfast at Doutor Coffee... HAHAHAHA because a certain guitarist loves to eat there, ahem. i ordered a matcha latte drink that has mochi and redbean on the top... so good but i still think blenz's matcha is the best :D anyways, we walked around the area again. all the way to the shrines except we didnt go in. we were so bored and broke but it was only 12. so we went into starbucks and stayed there basically until 2. when we went back to the Ryokan, we called a taxi to drive us to the Keisei line. the receptionist was so nice, he came all the way out and bowed to us as the taxi drove away T_T. once we got to Ueno, we got off and bought tickets for the skyliner... hopped onto the train and went to Narita Airport. we got there around 50 minutes later and we checked in. before that, a woman pulled us aside and offered us an upgrade if we take an earlier flight but going to LA / San fran... then from the US to Canada. we rejected the offer though because we're scared our luggages will be lost (x.x seriously cant trust those ppl in North America.. they're so slow and dumb). we checked in and walked around the duty free area~ didnt buy much though... except that i got a calpis in a vending machine there hahaha. i miss those drinks so much!!! after that... we boarded onto the plane ...and our trip to Japan ended just like that.

way too fast... sigh.
BUT i am already planning my next trip =] muahahahaha. i seriously miss the lives the most... too much fun T_T

im sorry this blog post is way too long. i will end it here.
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