the tough week have past... and whats left for this week is the anthro presentation this Friday.
one more essay for that class, one more writing test for Japanese.... and i think im done until finals.

finals suck for me this term because my last final is on the 22nd. 3 days before xmas =o= FML.
i'm moving on the 23rd as well, which gives me approximately a bit less than 24 hours to pack all my shit and get it out of the house :S
im not very fond of the idea. at all.

mmm, i'm recently hooked to You're Beautiful this Korean drama~ hahaaha
WHICH, also got me hooked to one of the band members. Hongki from FT Island ><
what's happening! =O
damn Korean boys... :(

i just realized G Dragon and Hongki both have blonde hair. which i like. no, LOVE.
but also, they're both back to black now :(
damn it x.x

lol, crazy thing is, im bored of my hair colour again. what should i do >< i still want ash grey except it'll be a bitch to maintain Orz. dilemma here!
but yeah, this is the colour i want.

very very hard to get :(

anyways, i've been listening to A Boy alot, and the play count had went up to 480 plays in 10 days. shiet son =O
Heartbreaker is now at 292, with Breathe following in 3rd at 148.
I should get my heartbreaker album soon. and the "G" hoodie. lol 96 bucks man ....eff T_T

Lady Gaga's album was out yesterday! must get it tmr with pui sze!

oh btw, im watching lots of Family Outing today xD
dumb and dumber... what more can i say? =o=

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  1. such a cool colour.. how would you even begin to do that? bleach then dye.. grey? brown? @_@