just came back from curling with JA :D
man... so tired == and curling is SO cold...
my hand were all red and frozen lol
our team lost though but nonetheless it was fun 8D

^aint i pro 8D....

one more week of school left!! ... but that also means final time :(
it'll last 1.5 weeks for me... from dec 10 to dec 22. wtf? thats almost 2 weeks!
i really should start studying soon? ~_~... aiz

cant wait for xmas break though... even if it's just two weeks. i really do hope it doesnt snow at that time. last year's christmas, everyone was trapped at home for a month. so not cool :S
aiz... so tired. write more another day =o=

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  1. Don't think it's gonna snow this year.. Are you practicing hard for the concert? My first rock band outing haha.. Good luck! =D