i got a new hair cut lol
finally took my extensions out. finally....
red contacts ftw!


Sunday yo!
finally... i have no plans for today and i can actually sit back and relax and do some readings for school ~_~

lol FUCK OFF puri

im so glad all the JA interviews are over and things have been settled... the next thing is ... clubbing event =o=
fml Orz


finally sick. its been a while =o=
sigh.. i guess everything is just too overwhelming.
but damn, i've been so busy this week, i even studied on my bday ==
and now that everything is done, i'm sick D:

Deluhi phone strap arrived today =]


I've downloaded 9goat's Bright Garden DVD for awhile now but i only had the time to watch it the last few days.
In my opinion, it wasn't that great actually ... =o=
probably because i've watched them live already? their live was just so gooood >3<
but the dvd... hmm LOL
im glad i didnt buy it yet XD

anyways, yesterday was my bday :D holy shit... finally 19 man
wheres my booze D:
thought i would have partied late but.... i had a midterm today == (which ended so i actually have time to update now... lol)
so then i went to well tea with Melly Woman and study ~
i swear im gonna get some vodka and beer on the weekend


i want my smirnoff ice

just came back from a dinner at Zakkushi~

the food was pretty good. the hentaiko udon .. LOL ... wasnt that great though ~_~ need to go to nanchuu for more...

pic with Cat! she turned so red after the alcohol...but i guess u cant really tell from this lighting lol

ignore my face... lol but pic with Yenju

with Jake!

with Jin~ LOL thanks for the present as well...

with Kai. HOLY lol he looks so young wtf! even i look older =o=
i can feel the aging process now...

the picture with Rita is blurred...so i only have this :(

i shall upload an epic video later lol


nevermind. it's ongoing =]

ah ..super busy this weekend. had a whole day of work (again)
but i get to see lots of ppl tmr~ and possibly gonna watch a movie again lol

ubc ja interviews start this coming monday, i cant wait :D
come to me, my execs~....LOL

i'm really addicted to a Renny Amy song.

and of course, Beautiful Dirty Rich. =]




the Kanye thing is the past, let's KEEP it the past??? how the fuck can they just cancel Lady Gaga's FAME KILLS TOUR just because of the taylor swift incident? =o=

I wanted to see Lady Gaga for the longest frikking time in my life... and now it's canceled???

dude, i never even hated Kanye in my life. I'm not too sure about that anymore