its too late to apologize. its too late.


shiet sonnnn
i watched Shutter Island today with SAM. one effed up movie :S lol...
other than that, it was alright? i guess.
had brunch with SAM today at IHOP! so good damn it lol
then we went to metro to check out olympic stuff again. zellers was supposed to stock up but i guess not?? everything is basically gone == crazy sale!

we all went shopping (again). Amelia said we need to look after each other and stop each other from buying ANYTHING. i guess that didnt work :/ Minako got something too! and im really starting to love forever 21. they have EVERYTHING.

okay dude, i really need to start job hunting. like seriously. LOL.

on another note, im still repeating lollipop part 2 by big bang, and played fire by 2ne1 for 5 hrs straight last night ~_~. Fire was originally 1xx plays. now it got bumped up to 2xx LOL

uhhh... only one week left of the break :S not cool. need to find more things to do!

btw, The Lightning Thief sounds interesting. maybe ill go watch it soon :D
im out!


Lollipop feat 2NE1

Lollipop Part 2

any thoughts? i like their image for the newest one though.... but 2ne1 made the first one so much better lol. im biased, i like CL :S
but i do like both versions!

yesterday was Amelia's birthday and we went for a dinner with other JA ppl. supposed to go to Ebisu, but they gave the table away because we were late and not everyone showed one. thank god, we found a table at Hapa though o.o amazing lol
after dinner, most of the ppl left and we went for shisha!
damn i miss that place...

OH OH, i went to the bay to get my canada hoodie =]
stupid hbc... they stocked up only TWO hoodies at the oakridge location so i was like wtfff?! it was only 9:40 and the store opens at 9:30.. == fml man
so i went to the one at rc right away and asked one of the ppl there. the woman was like oh sorry we dont have it, BUT her coworker behind her overheard us and she said "oh i think we have some at the back" SO OMG. she gave one to me and pui sze. hot damn. in red too!

i actually have no plans today... was gonna go to Aoyama cafe to visit Melissa, but my mom decided to eat at home :/ how rare... so yeah :S gomen ne!
damn, should have slept in today ==
k, im out


the reading break seems to be zooming by so fast @@
Yenju told me about this British group called La Roux today.
for those interested, check this out

pretty good actually =]
i went to mcdonalds today and this girl who was handing out coupons gave me a temporary canada flag tattoo ;D im so gonna use it soon LOL


Canada won TWO gold medals so far ;D niceeeee
olympics is crazy here! but its a nice feeling because you see everyone so united! random people on the streets will just suddenly start cheering "GO CANADA GO" or "LETS GO CANADA, LETS GO!" then ill just join in with them hahaha
i also see people wearing these canada flag capes and it looks so cool o.o kinda want one now... and i want to paint a maple leaf on my face LOL

one song i'll never skip if it comes up on shuffle


shiet son. finally. im DONE.
todays the last day of school for me... until March!
im hoping to enjoy this two week break though i dont have much plans :/

i just watched the 2010 Vancouver Olympic opening ceremony. From the words of the my friends, they said it was really good during the dress rehearsal two days ago. Heck, they said it was comparable with the 2008 Beijing one. no shit o.o so i was kinda looking forward to it. and well, i actually slept through some parts of it == it was kinda boring during a few scenes... but nonetheless it was alright for its budget and efforts from CANADA. the lighting of the torch part though... technical difficulty time? lol

anyways, tomorrow is going to be the first day of my break. GOT TO ENJOY MY BREAK...
i'm going for dimsum with Amelia, though i bet it will be extremely crowded since it is Chinese New Years in just two days! I don't have much to say about CNY, other than its ... on the same day as valentine's day :(
SAD. < talked about it at the office today lol
oh well, its just another normal day. 24 hours. nice. arent you glad time always goes by and wont stop?

i just typed up a list of things i need to buy during the break. holy shit. it's never ending
i really really should go job hunting. better get to it.... ==

im out.


One more week until Olympic break!
seriously... screw the damn olympics. i bet everyone is just going to be stuck at home... the traffic is going to be so bad, i swear i won't drive for those two weeks =o=

pui sze and i were talking about it today and we were like "yeah, if we can't go anywhere, i guess we can only go to friend's houses... YEAH HOUSE PARTIES!"
haha so yeah, im thinking if i should host another one again. maybe.
then i was like "oh man, i feel so sorry for the people who needs to go get the liquor out there in the mess!"
so pui sze went "i think we should stock up now ;D"
that sounds like a good idea though lol since probably the prices will be raised during olympics (im guessing?)

went for volleyball this morning. and we lost both games lol. fail. i actually didn't do much today. i went back home and just sat down watching youtube the whole afternoon >3<
oh and eating, of course... lol

yesterday though, i went to Carol's birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant on commercial called La Rocca. i saw Ashley again! man i missed her alot, haven't seen her since Dec o.o

a picture we took last night!

another problem came up. which is whether or not i should go to Anime Evolution this year :S im seriously really broke right now but people want me to do Grell Sutcliff for Kuroshitsuji ... and also, it really depends when im going back to HK :S... ew hk ==

hot Grell is hot LOL.

i wonder if i can pull it off o.o

btw, i made a HUGE sell post on my livejournal account just now. i'm selling some clothes (SPR, algonquins, hnaoto) and LOTS of gazette things. so if you're interested, take a look at:


okay, im out. back to studying



im so frustrated with everything happening around me. like fuckkkkkkk
and the bandshow is tomorrow. i still need to finish some last minute touches.

fml fml fml