shiet son. finally. im DONE.
todays the last day of school for me... until March!
im hoping to enjoy this two week break though i dont have much plans :/

i just watched the 2010 Vancouver Olympic opening ceremony. From the words of the my friends, they said it was really good during the dress rehearsal two days ago. Heck, they said it was comparable with the 2008 Beijing one. no shit o.o so i was kinda looking forward to it. and well, i actually slept through some parts of it == it was kinda boring during a few scenes... but nonetheless it was alright for its budget and efforts from CANADA. the lighting of the torch part though... technical difficulty time? lol

anyways, tomorrow is going to be the first day of my break. GOT TO ENJOY MY BREAK...
i'm going for dimsum with Amelia, though i bet it will be extremely crowded since it is Chinese New Years in just two days! I don't have much to say about CNY, other than its ... on the same day as valentine's day :(
SAD. < talked about it at the office today lol
oh well, its just another normal day. 24 hours. nice. arent you glad time always goes by and wont stop?

i just typed up a list of things i need to buy during the break. holy shit. it's never ending
i really really should go job hunting. better get to it.... ==

im out.

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