just came back from curling with JA :D
man... so tired == and curling is SO cold...
my hand were all red and frozen lol
our team lost though but nonetheless it was fun 8D

^aint i pro 8D....

one more week of school left!! ... but that also means final time :(
it'll last 1.5 weeks for me... from dec 10 to dec 22. wtf? thats almost 2 weeks!
i really should start studying soon? ~_~... aiz

cant wait for xmas break though... even if it's just two weeks. i really do hope it doesnt snow at that time. last year's christmas, everyone was trapped at home for a month. so not cool :S
aiz... so tired. write more another day =o=


the tough week have past... and whats left for this week is the anthro presentation this Friday.
one more essay for that class, one more writing test for Japanese.... and i think im done until finals.

finals suck for me this term because my last final is on the 22nd. 3 days before xmas =o= FML.
i'm moving on the 23rd as well, which gives me approximately a bit less than 24 hours to pack all my shit and get it out of the house :S
im not very fond of the idea. at all.

mmm, i'm recently hooked to You're Beautiful this Korean drama~ hahaaha
WHICH, also got me hooked to one of the band members. Hongki from FT Island ><
what's happening! =O
damn Korean boys... :(

i just realized G Dragon and Hongki both have blonde hair. which i like. no, LOVE.
but also, they're both back to black now :(
damn it x.x

lol, crazy thing is, im bored of my hair colour again. what should i do >< i still want ash grey except it'll be a bitch to maintain Orz. dilemma here!
but yeah, this is the colour i want.

very very hard to get :(

anyways, i've been listening to A Boy alot, and the play count had went up to 480 plays in 10 days. shiet son =O
Heartbreaker is now at 292, with Breathe following in 3rd at 148.
I should get my heartbreaker album soon. and the "G" hoodie. lol 96 bucks man ....eff T_T

Lady Gaga's album was out yesterday! must get it tmr with pui sze!

oh btw, im watching lots of Family Outing today xD
dumb and dumber... what more can i say? =o=


oh em gee. havent updated for so long lol
much things have happened in the past 2 weeks again lol
so busy so busy =o=
anyways... after 2 more papers, 1 midterm and one more oral test then i would have a mini break. maybe? ==

JA's clubbing event is next FRIDAY!! Come please :D if you're interested... at all. msg me for tickets T_T

okay. at this point, i'm just gonna put up random pics from the last week

November 6- Kelly and Emily's belated dinner XD
man... haven't seen my high school friends for quite awhile. even though it was only the 5 of us and the rest are in hell studying for midterms, it was still good ;D

we were sitting in the patio at the keg and i swear it was one of the windiest nights in Vancouver. it was raining too == lol
nonetheless it was fun to see them again

November 7- Gen's farewell party :(

sigh.. it was pretty sad man. at least i was a bit down during the whole thing :S
people come and go but she's going to Toronto for 4 effing years =o=
we took massive puri again lol. very stuffy == after that we headed to Daimasu for dinner. im glad they took our crowd nicely

our crowd of like 17 people standing outside the restaurant xD

good luck on your studies at Sheridan, Gen!

November 9-10 Recording with x:Enders

man... i never knew recording would be so hard == and we went overtime by soo much. sigh... so troublesome =o=

well, lol
it was fun i guess? let's just wait till we hear the finished product

November 11- Date with Amelia XD

soooo, we wanted to watch Paranormal Activity for the longest time so we went to the movie theatre at Metro in the evening~
the movie was pretty good and i ask you all who have not seen it yet to watch it =]
very... suspenseful LOL
after that we went next door at Ajiwawa for Jap food XD
we ordered so much LOL but we managed to finish most of it , yoshh!
we also took puri~ so nice so nice=]

November 12 IHOP dinner with coworkers~

too bad Elle couldn't make it :(
we talked quite a bit that night. it was a nice chat though :D
i find it funny how i'm 19, Yuka is 2x, and Hiroko is 3x. LOL

as for now. ahhh dude i changed my bgm to G Dragon because i totally adore him now xD
have you guys seen his A Boy MV yet? oh em gee....
i think i need to link it up here

DAMN. so cute <3<3


haha too lazy to update these days ~_~
working 2 jobs, taking 5 courses and in a club ...
very hectic lol

I'm recently hooked onto Rentrer en Soi ~ they're SO good! Too bad they disbanded though... sigh.
can't believe its November already o.o... October was like ... a day ago >3<

i'm finally going to dye my hair again and say bye to my roots 8D
was gonna let Ashley do it... but I asked my manager at work today and he said he would do it for me :D LOL
so why not since im leaving soon anyways ==

raccoon tails here i come :D
i still wanna go grey though lol
but it'll look kinda weird with raccoon tails...
and i've been stalking Chisa's blog for more inspiration lol

thats my goal