haha too lazy to update these days ~_~
working 2 jobs, taking 5 courses and in a club ...
very hectic lol

I'm recently hooked onto Rentrer en Soi ~ they're SO good! Too bad they disbanded though... sigh.
can't believe its November already o.o... October was like ... a day ago >3<

i'm finally going to dye my hair again and say bye to my roots 8D
was gonna let Ashley do it... but I asked my manager at work today and he said he would do it for me :D LOL
so why not since im leaving soon anyways ==

raccoon tails here i come :D
i still wanna go grey though lol
but it'll look kinda weird with raccoon tails...
and i've been stalking Chisa's blog for more inspiration lol

thats my goal

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