so i recently kinda "lost" my job because i am now "on-call" instead...so i went job hunting today!

first i went to IHOP cuz i rmb them hiring ppl on craigslist and the manager there said she could offer me the hostess position! she would call me back next monday and discuss the schedule... idk if im getting it for sure yet so i went to job hunt more afterwards in case.

i went to RC to meet up with Simone and we walked around RC a bit so i could hand out my resume. I applied at Blenz Coffee (again LOL) and also Sweet Factory >3< up ="]"><

anyways, after RC, i went to POSH to hand in my resume and then went to tom lee and met up with Anna there. we looked at some guitars and basses ...and then we went to Bubble world to drop off my resume. Anna said they're hiring right now .. so yeah lol. and plus anna works there so i'd have company if i do get hired. next we went to alexandra to drop off more resumes. I wanted to hand it into Manzo and Nanchuu but they werent open yet... I went into Leisure but the guy said they're not hiring atm... SIGH. anyways, after that we went to Lansdowne... and i handed in my resume to the korean restaurant there. and ...that was pretty much it lol. a total of six places! lets see how much replies i get... lol== i could always try the manzo near my house but... we'll see haha

so now im back at home... so tired. and so hungry. but its almost dinner time but my mom didnt prepare anything .____. goddd damn!

fireworks again tmr! muahhahaha its china and its the last day. of course i have to go!
alright...im out!

one picture before i leave.


ahhh man today was such a tiresome day...

i woke up at 9 am so that i can get to UBC by 11pm for a JA SEP meeting... it lasted about like 3 hours technically but it seems like everything is finalized now so thats good. i waited till 3ish to meet up with Jono, then bused to get my car, drove home, get Simone and Cat's shoes and then went to Eri's to pick ppl up, drove back to vancouver and went to Kevin's house. did that within 2 hours. ughhh. aww man Uncle Kevin is leaving... sigh. good times good times.

the farewell party was really fun and i jumped on the tampoline with Eri for like half an hour LOL but i also scratched myself really badly @@ god damn but it was worth it =] never jumped like that in my life HAHAHAHA. I also saw Kai, who I havent hung out with for SO long, it was nice to see him and everyone again :D ahhh... how i miss those xenders day :( i listened to the recordings Uncle Kevin did for us... soooo hella nostalgic man lol. (and i just vocal cutted Moment of Breaking. LOL sounds better...totally loved the guitar) i also met a lot of new ppl today. or more like talk to ppl i "know of" but didnt have the chance to until now. good times good times. man i miss xenders.

really hope theres gonna be a party like that again! aside from that... i really want another job now. or rather a new job. my job now is sooo on call and idk what to do about it.... my hours are so unstable i dont even work this week =o= the hell man.... sigh

i am listening to Complimentary now. random.
how does it feel to be a part of what you hated the most? how does it feel...

ima go enjoy my instrumental version of Moment of Breaking now. MUAHHHAHA. im out


holyyy so i went to sleep last night at like 1:30 but i couldnt sleep because it was so damn hot so i got up again and went on the internet lol i had an urge to listen to Eason Chan so i youtubed him up! ahhhh so nostalgic. my honger days LOL

good shit

anyways, i finally logged off at 4 and probably slept half and hour later. then i had to wake up at 7:30 to register for my courses. i seriously dont get why Year 3 is last this year! IM ALWAYS LAST!! fucking shit. so all those other students filled up the damn classes already =o= god dammit. now im on waitlist for 2 classes =o=

i went for a jog at 9:30 came back, took a shower, and sweated even more @@ what the shitttt
but now im okay thank god lol

todays my stay home day. FTW (Y) no one is at home though == sigh...
should i be glad vancouver is starting to warm up? probably. i dont really like winter all that much. summer ftw lol

ohhh yesterday i went to watch Karate Kid with Simone and Carol! the movie was gooooood man. though i dont like Jackie Chan all that much, his character was okay so i would recommend it to everyone lol

im out nowwww