holyyy so i went to sleep last night at like 1:30 but i couldnt sleep because it was so damn hot so i got up again and went on the internet lol i had an urge to listen to Eason Chan so i youtubed him up! ahhhh so nostalgic. my honger days LOL

good shit

anyways, i finally logged off at 4 and probably slept half and hour later. then i had to wake up at 7:30 to register for my courses. i seriously dont get why Year 3 is last this year! IM ALWAYS LAST!! fucking shit. so all those other students filled up the damn classes already =o= god dammit. now im on waitlist for 2 classes =o=

i went for a jog at 9:30 came back, took a shower, and sweated even more @@ what the shitttt
but now im okay thank god lol

todays my stay home day. FTW (Y) no one is at home though == sigh...
should i be glad vancouver is starting to warm up? probably. i dont really like winter all that much. summer ftw lol

ohhh yesterday i went to watch Karate Kid with Simone and Carol! the movie was gooooood man. though i dont like Jackie Chan all that much, his character was okay so i would recommend it to everyone lol

im out nowwww

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