im getting sick. what the eff? everyone around me are sick. ==
JA clubbing event is tonight :S i was looking forward to it but not anymore... effing sore throat lol

btw, i made my brother teach me a part of bad romance again. its so very hard, especially for me since i have never learnt the piano and i need to play with two hands. lollll

amelia is coming over later!! thats the reason why i was practicing ytd... LOL

and, the SNSD's gee song is playing in my head AGAIN. well also because im listsneing to it right now but... still its so catchy. god damn it

i missed 3 classes in a row :( need to catch up.... sigh

taeyeon isnt that bad actually. best out of the "bunch" lol


why the fuck is my room so cold all the time ~_~

school today was brutal. so tired. 4 courses. 6 hours of lecture. then Amelia, Minako and i went to guu to talk about sponsoring the karaoke contest. the waitress there basically didn't even bother talking to us about it and just said that the manager is busy == gotta call them tmr... :S

so then... i suddenly had the psychosocial song stuck in my head again, and i couldnt recall who the band was O.O. hate that feeling when its on the tip of your tongue lol

met up with Robo to sell clubbing tickets.. and he rmbed afterwards. SLIPKNOT FTW

i just realized they came for a concert here in Vancouver last year in October. fml. now i wont get to see them anytime soon... they have no upcoming shows :O



fuck. school started today ==
thank god i only had one class so i was done at 11am. but i basically slept through a quarter of my 2 hour class LOL
its a bad habit and its to the point where my prof doesnt care anymore :/
but then i got a coffee once i was off and now i dont feel sleepy anymore. but im home ==
March 1 today already??
wth man... ~_~ almost spring lol thank god i have no allergy problems

so yesterday was the last day of olympics. it ended in a good way though because canada won the hockey game against usa =]
hahaaha it was quite epic. my whole family was watching it together. and we even heard our neighbours scream. way too intense.

went to dt afterwards with Melissa.. then met up with PS and Sasha at night. one epic day!
i wish olympics lasted longer ... the break was too short =o=
oh well, its all good. 14 gold medals for Canada!
i think it's impossible to see so many people in downtown again. sigh