so, im leaving for the airport in 20 mins...
cant believe it man. like finally? i still remember talking about the trip around March and stuff.. and now... ALREADY? @@



2 days before japan
3 days until i meet nina
3 days until i meet manabu

amazing XD

i went to krystal and mariko's place in the morning. they showed me maps of harajuku shinjuku and other places XD

i also got the dress krystal made meXD and mariko gave me one of her skirts too!
afterwards... went to ihop to meet up with melissa =] its our last day at ihop before japan :D

there were so many ppl lining up for the canada line everywhere @@ so insane....
anyways, after lunch we went to glam nail studio to get our nails done :D it didnt take that long... less than 2 hrs only!!
the ppl were really nice and told us about gay clubs in japan LOL

pic of the nails

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Granville Island day~

today was .... intense
since when have i not said a day was not intense == everyday is the same for me (laugh)
today... i had work at 8 .... super early again. except it was a different feeling because its my last day before my vacation!!! so i was like counting off the hours as "1 hr left at blenz, 45 mins left at blenz ...etc" even mabel said she'll miss me XD i'll miss Blenz alot... since because i almost work there like 24/7, for sure on monday morning i'll be asking myself "why arent i opening the store ?" or "i should be working right now..." hhaha

anyways, after work, i went to look at houses again with my family. then i went to granville island to meet up with the jpnese exchange students! it was kind of sad in a way, because it is my last day with them so i tried to make it as much fun as possible.

however at granville island... there isnt much to do and they're getting kind of bored and wasting our energy walking so i figured we should just go to downtown earlier and they can spend some time shopping as well.

the girls went crazy at the mall. the guys, however, were so bored and were sitting on the chair waiting for the meet up time =o= i feel so bad for them lmao
anyways, we were hungry afterwards and headed for dinner at Cafe Crepes. we had to wait 30 mins in line though == but its okay because time past quickly~

we ordered food and talked and took pics hahaha. it was a fun moment ^^. and most epic was when i went to the washroom, they took my camera and took their ugly pics with it HAHAHAHAHA. what a bad idea man!
i love them to death XDDD cute asses lol

afterwards, it was already 8:45pm but stores close at 9 ... so we went to starbucks for drinks wiating for the time to come. (need to bring them to clubbing at 10:30)

we chat alot more and exchanged lots of numbers and emails with everyone! fun fun. we took pics with each other. well more like me and them XD and we promised to see each other when i go to japan. it was hard to leave them.. i gave them each a hug at the sky train station.

but i guess im used to being apart with ppl i care... sigh

pic with Tomii. he's the one who i might not be able to see when im in japan because he might go back to his hometown >< but hes like... cutest guy ever and he has such a cute laugh LOL



but still, i was happy to see Kai again!

after i got off work, went to Richmond with Yenju to exchange my money for the trip. afterwards, we went to RC to find Melissa.... only to find out that she's off just a bit earlier ==. well we still walked around sakura media and we found this manga called X- Kai. it was so epic!

anyways... we were so bored so we just headed off to charts.
practice went well.. we came up with some new riffs and stuff. and thought of new songs to cover.

after practice, we went to this place at crystal mall for dinner and just catched up with some talk and massive itouch playing lol

kinda missed this feeling. but i wont see them again till beginning of sept ==


Koishite Akuma <3
im sad because i wont be able to watch it during my trip =o=

hahah hes pretty cute. cant believe he's like.... underaged
but hes not single ==


he still hasnt accepted me yet...

so... the past few weeks have been very busy for me. not only work, but i also had to plan the events for UBCJA's japan exchange program. on top of that, im looking at houses with my family because we're planning to move to richmond.

my last day before i leave for japan at blenz is this sat. which is, RIGHT before my event of Granville Island with the jap students as well. it'll be a rushed day for me =o=

as for the past few days, i've been working and also picking up the jap students from the airports. also joining them for the tour of UBC and also hanging with them and bringing them around Richmond (The area they're staying for the 2 weeks.) we also had a downtown tour with them yesterday. busy busy == i had to take a day off work lol...

however, it's fun though. they're really nice and polite ppl! i am going to meet them again when i'm in japan xD one of the guys are super cute too LMAO

we went to the epic candy store in DT yesterday and guess what i found?


i found simon young's facebook account. i just added him. i hope he accepts....>3<
the slants are awesome :D


want to go watch Danger Gang???...

10 days :D

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heading to the airport later to pick up the jap students~

shitty for them though, because the 2 weeks they're staying will be super rainy =o=
whats wrong with vancouver??? last last week was 40 degrees and now its only 16 degrees?? lol what a big difference

but i should've gotten used to this kinda weather.

blenz farewell dinner later! for polly, me and joyce!
we're all going for vacation aug - sept hahaha...

which reminds me, i really need to exchange some yen soon. incase the store don't have enough yen bills... i still have a week to wait lol
it's all good.
alright off i go to oakridge now~

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i hate closing shifts. i had to pee so badly but i had to wait till the store close to pee ==
damn it. and 15 mins before i close, these customers come and orders the most complicated drinks u can imagine =o= fml.

its so hard to text with my new phone now... lol =o=
uber sleepy. its insane =o=

im loving akai kodou again

赫い鼓動 [RCE live] - Gazette



i meant both the phone and the bg :D
i seriously think Manabu is in love with Kazuki or something. he always ALWAYS say that he loves him. like EVERYWHERE, ANYTIME. amazing.
oh well, u guys look good together~ and ur both guitarists as well
guitarists yaoi ftw :D
today has been a great day! :D
my new phone came in the mail today!! it looks hot hahaha but much smaller than i thought it would be o.o. its so light and looks like a toy lmao!

i had work at 12... and i worked with pui sze for around an hour or so. sweet! then around 2pm, yenjuju came to visit me :D haha i was so happy man~ he bought an iced chocolate and i made it for him~ hahahaha niceee. so then i took my short break and walked around with him. i would have showed him medium coffee dude but he wasn't working :( i havent seen him for awhile =o= maybe he went on vacation or smth. anyways, after he left, Jin kept telling me how cute Yenju was LMAO. it was hilarious. oh god.
then around 4 pm, the girl who also worked at the mall before (but not anymore) came! i quickly like... stopped her and told her to come over and i got her facebook and msn and number and stuff XD LMAO
yeah i sounded like a freak but shes such a nice person and she doesnt work there anymore so i cant see her :( damn, a new oakridge buddy for me :D except she just called me while i was in the washroom so i got one missed call from her =o= but i told her to come to xender's next band show and she said she'll love to :D:D woot!

so now im home. supposedly chilling with Justin my best bud but... turns out we don't have our cars today ... LOL. so im just here chilling and waiting for my new phone to charge up :D



i bit my tongue real hard during dinner and after dinner it was still bleeding. fml

i came back home and my dad told me his car was crashed. he parked his car on the side walk and this car fucking backed up into his door. thank god my dad wasnt in the car that time. like wtf? drive carefully ppl! that driver wanted to drive off too but thankfully my dad chased after him. jesus! that fucking retard wanted to hit and run. fucktard.

but dude, japan in 2 weeks! so damn excited :D
i was just talking with yuk... damn i missed her :(


in the middle of chaos

i just came back home from planning the japan trip with Melissa~

its pretty much completed and settled.... just the last few days need to be confirmed first
after well tea, we went to Iwase to check out some maps but they're all so expensive!! we found some cute books though... except its like $35... lol

so we decided to go to Book Off soon and take a look at what they have.

i still dont know what to do with my hair. i'm going to colour it and possibly get extensions in Japan though...
at first i wanted to get blonde streaks like Manabu, but now i wanna get Mayumi's new hair~ its like shoulder length- ish hair and blonde hahaha. or possibly old mayumi hair styles as well?
i'll take a look into that...


bass bass bass bass.

im now starting to listen to dim more.
in the middle of chaos

i love

i love.
so obvious
cutie pie
16 days.


blogspot again

okay, so i decided to continue my blog here because it seems safer than livejournal now... lol
i will also choose to have comments off... so if u have comments, u will need to find me, somehow (laughs)

i wish people can just stop bugging me and bothering me at one point. i wanted to turn off my phone and lock myself up in my room so no one can talk to me. seriously, if i want to reply you, i will. if i dont, u should get the hint. fucking lameasses.

so its august 2 today, only 17 more days until Japan. man, time passes so quickly.
after japan, it'll be school again =o=

it honestly didn't feel like 4 months of break! probably because i worked in the summer, but still... haha

i should be really greatly for the friends around me who i can blab to, lmao.
yesterday, i had a jamming session with my "family" and gen. it was fun, except i thought my vocals sucked badly (bitter laugh)
anyways, really hope we can do kids. that'll be a fun cover.

afterwards, went to broadway station with carol to meet up with yenju ... then we went to richmond to pick up melissa from work. went to chiffon for dinner because carol works there hahaha. epic win man... she was serving us!

anyways, after dinner, melissa yenju and i went to ikea for like 20 mins... because they close at 9pm == so we just went to the nightmarket afterwards. not as crowded as the last few times, but there are still many people. there were people wrestling o.o hardcore eh?

as for today, family day XD really should spend more time with them before i leave. lol
anyways, im out now.

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