in the middle of chaos

i just came back home from planning the japan trip with Melissa~

its pretty much completed and settled.... just the last few days need to be confirmed first
after well tea, we went to Iwase to check out some maps but they're all so expensive!! we found some cute books though... except its like $35... lol

so we decided to go to Book Off soon and take a look at what they have.

i still dont know what to do with my hair. i'm going to colour it and possibly get extensions in Japan though...
at first i wanted to get blonde streaks like Manabu, but now i wanna get Mayumi's new hair~ its like shoulder length- ish hair and blonde hahaha. or possibly old mayumi hair styles as well?
i'll take a look into that...


bass bass bass bass.

im now starting to listen to dim more.
in the middle of chaos