wow i havent updated for a while again lol.

last week was clubs day at UBC so i had to help out JA for 3 days! so hectic but we managed to sign up around 160 members. hopefully the rest would sign up at the ice breaker!! its on October 8!! COME COME COME!

anyways, Jono is leaving tmr to Japan for a year so we had a farewell dinner for him yesterday at fogg n suds! man i really love love that place! the server was so nice and the food was so good as well! honey lager was on sale for 15.99 a pitcher and they got like 6-7 rounds of that. i just had my usual paralyzer in a fishbowl since it was fishbowl fridays :D

i still cant believe jono is leaving tmr. when he first told me he's going to japan to study, that was like february this year. and now tmr (which is like 7 months since then) hes actually leaving. le sigh. :( hes such a good friend, i will for sure miss him a lot!
we finally took puri yesterday! LOL

jono drew raining blood on us... hah ==

anyways. i went to refrain's last live today too... it was so sad but i hope they will get back together when jono's back!

other than that, its been awhile since i've eaten with Debu :( LE SIGH. i wanna high tea!! and i want bor lor yao!!! >3<

but shiet i have work tmr lol. and ill have my first in class essay on monday. FML...

i want a huge pumpkin pie with lots of whip cream right now. or a huge bucket of ice cream. or let me swim in a pool of coke. lol...
anyways. peace out man gotta sleep


wow so school has past by for 2 weeks already! holy fuck where does the time go? lol
next wed- fri will be clubs day so find JA's booth at Ballroom in the SUB :D and sign up for member! seriously, if u wanna chill at the office, u better be a member. we are more strict with our rules this year cuz many friends of friends just come and we're liek wtf. tsk tsk.

$7 ubc students, $5 returning members, $10.50 non ubc students!


come come come come come

jono is leaving in 8 days. holy shittttt
jamieson reunion this sunday. holy fuckkkk
and work... uh==

sat. 12:21 am.
i should sleep soon.

today was not a good day. except i saw jono anni bun and amelia today. lovely lovely people.
but other than that. HA. fucked up..
some people are just so fucking stupid. god i gotta learn my lesson. fucking retards. fucking jerks.

high point of the day:

taken today during the JA meeting
haha <3


sometimes, i am just really grateful for having someone there for me when i need them. i honestly really thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. i used to be scared, confused, lonely, and i keep everything to myself and those weren't the best days of my life. however, as life moves on, i realized that if you don't express yourself, no one will know what you are actually thinking. people around you won't know what you're thinking inside if you don't give them a chance to care about you. so, i will try to express myself more because life is seriously too short to not enjoy to the fullest.

i have to quote something i have encountered probably 2 weeks ago at london drugs with amelia.
person at counter: if you smoke you die, if you dont smoke you die.
amelia: you might as well smoke then.

hahaaha. not that im saying people should smoke but ... the line actually makes sense, right?

today i was talking to charlie, talking about how we started to smoke.
charlie: i used to be so against smoking. but then i realized, not all smokers are bad people.

sometimes, when you do things like this, you learn to enjoy life more. life isnt so bad. it has ups and downs. you just need the correct people to be around you during those times.


on another note, school is starting soon and ... i only bought one book. GG me! but i will go tmr morning with Icy :3 so its all good.
imagine day is next tuesday and JA will be at D11 (unders Arts and Culture) from 1-5 to promote so come and check it out baby

and lastly

hahaha love you girls


a lot has happened since i last blogged.

for one, i still havent gotten my hair cut since i was extremely busy with my schedule due to the Summer Exchange Program by JA and there was also Anime Evolution...

the Japanese students came around 2 weeks ago and today would be their last day and we will be having a farewell dinner at the Keg steak house :3 (muahahaahah) overall, it was annoying at times to bring them out all the time and i got pretty sick of seeing them all the time... lol the whole program was also way too disorganized as we have so many last minute changes... == sigh. but yesterday i went to watch the cirque du soleil with them and it was hella amazing and awesome and so epically legendary! i would really recommend all of you to go. it was just too good to miss! though... i think watching it once would be enough. our seats were the $67 ones but our spot was really good! the place wasnt too small nor too big, it was just perfect. sound was good, view was good, the performers did so well!

anyways, there was Anime Evolution 2010 on aug 13-15 at UBC. overall it was pretty decent except the location should be changed.. lol it was a really hot weekend and everyone was dressed in multiple layers of clothing so they start sweating the moment they step outside == as i said in previous posts, i cosplayed Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji and also Len from Black Rock Shooter. i had a 2 hr long photoshoot with Kirk on Sunday with Melissa and Jin and it was so hella tiring lol. fun though! and the SEP students came to see the cosplayers too! i think i got stopped for more pictures on Friday than Saturday and Sunday combined though... cuz Grell is just such a lovable character :P

Grell Sutcliff- Day One

Carol was my Madam Red :D

BRS Len - Day Two with Simone as BRS Rin!

haha i really like the picture with the skull
the wig looked so real too!

BRS Len - Day Three with Melissa as BRS Rin and Jin as BRS Kaito

it was an overall fun event i would think and i really wanna do more cosplays in the future! :D
lol since i took so many photos as Len, i had trouble changing back to girl mode afterwards (aka smiling and not having a pokerface/ killing face)

hahaa amelia also came back 3 days ago <3 omg its been 2.5 months since i last saw her so i met up with her at the airport and also yesterday! sighhhh it was so nice to see her T_T

anyways, yesterday was Tomoko (one of the jap exchange student)'s bday so we went to Carol's house to celebrate with her after cirque du soleil. i had to leave early though... because i had a blood test this morning ... aka no alcohol and need to wake up early. sigh.

wow this is a long post. i'll end it here


ten more days until AE
still need to get contacts, and to start on the 2 weapons... need to get wigs from cat, get grell outfit from colleena.. oh and colour in the black parts of grell's shoes

my plan for AE is :
Friday : Grell Sutcliffe
Saturday : BRS Len
Sunday : random XD

i might wear my blonde wig for Sunday... we'll see. i dont think i can alter the wig though :/ its synthetic and ... its gonna be hard lol

OH and im getting a haircut on saturday!! SO HAPPY. my hair is so long now... fml. ill probably be dying it to brown soon too... muahahaha either Yuuto or Ibuki inspired :D



so i recently kinda "lost" my job because i am now "on-call" instead...so i went job hunting today!

first i went to IHOP cuz i rmb them hiring ppl on craigslist and the manager there said she could offer me the hostess position! she would call me back next monday and discuss the schedule... idk if im getting it for sure yet so i went to job hunt more afterwards in case.

i went to RC to meet up with Simone and we walked around RC a bit so i could hand out my resume. I applied at Blenz Coffee (again LOL) and also Sweet Factory >3< up ="]"><

anyways, after RC, i went to POSH to hand in my resume and then went to tom lee and met up with Anna there. we looked at some guitars and basses ...and then we went to Bubble world to drop off my resume. Anna said they're hiring right now .. so yeah lol. and plus anna works there so i'd have company if i do get hired. next we went to alexandra to drop off more resumes. I wanted to hand it into Manzo and Nanchuu but they werent open yet... I went into Leisure but the guy said they're not hiring atm... SIGH. anyways, after that we went to Lansdowne... and i handed in my resume to the korean restaurant there. and ...that was pretty much it lol. a total of six places! lets see how much replies i get... lol== i could always try the manzo near my house but... we'll see haha

so now im back at home... so tired. and so hungry. but its almost dinner time but my mom didnt prepare anything .____. goddd damn!

fireworks again tmr! muahhahaha its china and its the last day. of course i have to go!
alright...im out!

one picture before i leave.