so i recently kinda "lost" my job because i am now "on-call" instead...so i went job hunting today!

first i went to IHOP cuz i rmb them hiring ppl on craigslist and the manager there said she could offer me the hostess position! she would call me back next monday and discuss the schedule... idk if im getting it for sure yet so i went to job hunt more afterwards in case.

i went to RC to meet up with Simone and we walked around RC a bit so i could hand out my resume. I applied at Blenz Coffee (again LOL) and also Sweet Factory >3< up ="]"><

anyways, after RC, i went to POSH to hand in my resume and then went to tom lee and met up with Anna there. we looked at some guitars and basses ...and then we went to Bubble world to drop off my resume. Anna said they're hiring right now .. so yeah lol. and plus anna works there so i'd have company if i do get hired. next we went to alexandra to drop off more resumes. I wanted to hand it into Manzo and Nanchuu but they werent open yet... I went into Leisure but the guy said they're not hiring atm... SIGH. anyways, after that we went to Lansdowne... and i handed in my resume to the korean restaurant there. and ...that was pretty much it lol. a total of six places! lets see how much replies i get... lol== i could always try the manzo near my house but... we'll see haha

so now im back at home... so tired. and so hungry. but its almost dinner time but my mom didnt prepare anything .____. goddd damn!

fireworks again tmr! muahhahaha its china and its the last day. of course i have to go!
alright...im out!

one picture before i leave.

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