blogspot again

okay, so i decided to continue my blog here because it seems safer than livejournal now... lol
i will also choose to have comments off... so if u have comments, u will need to find me, somehow (laughs)

i wish people can just stop bugging me and bothering me at one point. i wanted to turn off my phone and lock myself up in my room so no one can talk to me. seriously, if i want to reply you, i will. if i dont, u should get the hint. fucking lameasses.

so its august 2 today, only 17 more days until Japan. man, time passes so quickly.
after japan, it'll be school again =o=

it honestly didn't feel like 4 months of break! probably because i worked in the summer, but still... haha

i should be really greatly for the friends around me who i can blab to, lmao.
yesterday, i had a jamming session with my "family" and gen. it was fun, except i thought my vocals sucked badly (bitter laugh)
anyways, really hope we can do kids. that'll be a fun cover.

afterwards, went to broadway station with carol to meet up with yenju ... then we went to richmond to pick up melissa from work. went to chiffon for dinner because carol works there hahaha. epic win man... she was serving us!

anyways, after dinner, melissa yenju and i went to ikea for like 20 mins... because they close at 9pm == so we just went to the nightmarket afterwards. not as crowded as the last few times, but there are still many people. there were people wrestling o.o hardcore eh?

as for today, family day XD really should spend more time with them before i leave. lol
anyways, im out now.

comments off