for those of you who didnt know. i was a vegan before. well, more like a part time vegan because i sometimes cheat.
last month , i did a blood test at my family doctor's clinic because my mom was paranoid that i stopped eating meat for a year. so i agreed...
a few days after the blood test, i got a phone call from the nurse to tell me to go get my report because there was something they wanted to tell me. my doctor showed me my report and said that i have too little iron in my body. an average person's iron level is 30-40, however, i have less than 5. she then explained that little iron = little blood and in the blood test, it also showed that i have a lack of white blood cells (which is pretty bad and dangerous x.X)

she then told me to eat iron pills for 3 months straight and that i have to go back to do blood tests every month...
i also had to start eating beef and chicken again because its high in iron apparently.

u might ask why dont i just eat more spinach or whatever?
apparently, veggies and fruits's iron is not easily absorbed by human beings~ however, meat and oysters/clams... are easily absorbed, which i actually need quite badly right now.

hence, i have started to eat beef and chicken again for around 20 days already. it was quite hard to get used to the taste again, since i havent eaten it for a year already. but i guess its ok now.. i may be physically healthier but mentally.... lets not get into that lol

so yes, im going to get another blood test on saturday. lets see if my iron level increased!

haha pic of my iron pills >3<