today has been a great day! :D
my new phone came in the mail today!! it looks hot hahaha but much smaller than i thought it would be o.o. its so light and looks like a toy lmao!

i had work at 12... and i worked with pui sze for around an hour or so. sweet! then around 2pm, yenjuju came to visit me :D haha i was so happy man~ he bought an iced chocolate and i made it for him~ hahahaha niceee. so then i took my short break and walked around with him. i would have showed him medium coffee dude but he wasn't working :( i havent seen him for awhile =o= maybe he went on vacation or smth. anyways, after he left, Jin kept telling me how cute Yenju was LMAO. it was hilarious. oh god.
then around 4 pm, the girl who also worked at the mall before (but not anymore) came! i quickly like... stopped her and told her to come over and i got her facebook and msn and number and stuff XD LMAO
yeah i sounded like a freak but shes such a nice person and she doesnt work there anymore so i cant see her :( damn, a new oakridge buddy for me :D except she just called me while i was in the washroom so i got one missed call from her =o= but i told her to come to xender's next band show and she said she'll love to :D:D woot!

so now im home. supposedly chilling with Justin my best bud but... turns out we don't have our cars today ... LOL. so im just here chilling and waiting for my new phone to charge up :D