lol wow so i had like the most fucked up and epic and intense dream EVER last night.
i went to bed at around 2:30 and im guessing i slept around 3am. then i woke up at exactly 5:02 cuz i checked the time when i woke up. @@ so this dream happened within 2 hours. i quickly took my phone, opened the notepad and typed up the whole thing while its still fresh in my memory. so here goes:

so do ppl know how much i like wesley from wongfu? well i had a dream of how i met him at work. Somehow, i was working behind the scenes with the camera ppl at a broadcasting place. For some reason, the host/interviewer was not there that day and they made ME be the interviewer on the TV show. Well then i was like oh... okay. i guess so. and started to prepare for it. It turns out that Im supposed to interview Wesley LOL. i was so excited but things didnt work out.. the camera / lighting crew and shit failed so then i wasnt able to do the shoot. i met him backstage and he was in a suit and looked very cute and stuff. i went up to talk to him and i said omg i cant believe im meeting you in person. and he's like thank you and thought i was gonna ask for an autograph so he takes a pen from his jacket and i was like oh um actually, can i take a picture with u? Then he's like "oh sure" but he takes out HIS OWN PHONE and starts shooting it. The first picture turned out bad and so i asked for a second one so i was like "can we take another?" He's like "Sure" but this time another fangirl popped in and got in the pic with us. obviously im like "bleh.." but i didnt ask for a third one cuz i didnt wanna annoy him. Then hes like "should i send it to you now?" and im like "Sure!" and i took out my phone cuz hes gonna bluetooth it to me. but then im like "oh screw it, i wanna take it with my phone's camera too" so im like "oh hey lets take one with my phone too" and hes like "okay".

So i was trying to adjust modes and shit but nothing was right and im like "ahhh fucing shit why is this happening to me now?" and it took forever for me to fix it and hes just standing there so im like trying to make small chats with him like "oh hey hows wongfu doing?"... then before my phone worked again, i saw from the corner of my eyes that my family was coming up from he escalator.. while we were trying to camwhore (LOL WHAT THE SHIT..) i saw my dad looking at us but i ignored it. my dad walks over, stops us from taking a pic and said to wesley "look we need to talk." im guessing cuz my dad thinks he's my boyfriend or smth cuz we actually looked a bit intimidating (LMAO ohgod) and im like "What? no dad hes just a youtube celebrity!" and my dad went like "but stilll.." and wesleys like "its cool, u speak canto right?" and they were talking in canto while im trying to fix my phone. Finally the camera worked, took more funny photos and my mom (who was alone somehow) was like staring at us. Then somehow he ended up talking to my mom (mom him me but he's facing my mom but im looking down still fixing the phone or smth) about his career and hes like "yeah ive been working there for awhile and i've been married for over 20 years now." IM LIKE "OH WHAT?" He TURNS BACK to look at me and he turns out to be a SUPER OLD LOOKING GUY who kinda even looks like the hunchback of notredome dude. I woke up sweating and i would say its almost a nightmare at the end. Like gahhh noo who the fuck are you? wheres wesley?

very effed up dream... i think its a combo of too much wongfu, constant tweeting updates from youtubers, my chonny tweeting about his blogtv time for canadian viewers, my dad saying smth sweet to me last night, and just lots of wongfu in general and i recently rewatched "The One Days: HK- See Through" i hope thats why. i hope.

this is definitely my expression afterwards

LOL! damn it funemployed ep 4 out tmr! why cant it be today .___. okay. enough of my dream @@ im out


  1. dude this IS a seriously fucked up dream .. i guess everything that happened to you recently all got mixed up and created this blockbuster eh lol the beginning sounded like a movie narration almost hehe ... btw GUESS WHOOOOOO

  2. i have no idea who u are... LOL