One more week until Olympic break!
seriously... screw the damn olympics. i bet everyone is just going to be stuck at home... the traffic is going to be so bad, i swear i won't drive for those two weeks =o=

pui sze and i were talking about it today and we were like "yeah, if we can't go anywhere, i guess we can only go to friend's houses... YEAH HOUSE PARTIES!"
haha so yeah, im thinking if i should host another one again. maybe.
then i was like "oh man, i feel so sorry for the people who needs to go get the liquor out there in the mess!"
so pui sze went "i think we should stock up now ;D"
that sounds like a good idea though lol since probably the prices will be raised during olympics (im guessing?)

went for volleyball this morning. and we lost both games lol. fail. i actually didn't do much today. i went back home and just sat down watching youtube the whole afternoon >3<
oh and eating, of course... lol

yesterday though, i went to Carol's birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant on commercial called La Rocca. i saw Ashley again! man i missed her alot, haven't seen her since Dec o.o

a picture we took last night!

another problem came up. which is whether or not i should go to Anime Evolution this year :S im seriously really broke right now but people want me to do Grell Sutcliff for Kuroshitsuji ... and also, it really depends when im going back to HK :S... ew hk ==

hot Grell is hot LOL.

i wonder if i can pull it off o.o

btw, i made a HUGE sell post on my livejournal account just now. i'm selling some clothes (SPR, algonquins, hnaoto) and LOTS of gazette things. so if you're interested, take a look at:


okay, im out. back to studying

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