shiet sonnnn
i watched Shutter Island today with SAM. one effed up movie :S lol...
other than that, it was alright? i guess.
had brunch with SAM today at IHOP! so good damn it lol
then we went to metro to check out olympic stuff again. zellers was supposed to stock up but i guess not?? everything is basically gone == crazy sale!

we all went shopping (again). Amelia said we need to look after each other and stop each other from buying ANYTHING. i guess that didnt work :/ Minako got something too! and im really starting to love forever 21. they have EVERYTHING.

okay dude, i really need to start job hunting. like seriously. LOL.

on another note, im still repeating lollipop part 2 by big bang, and played fire by 2ne1 for 5 hrs straight last night ~_~. Fire was originally 1xx plays. now it got bumped up to 2xx LOL

uhhh... only one week left of the break :S not cool. need to find more things to do!

btw, The Lightning Thief sounds interesting. maybe ill go watch it soon :D
im out!

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