Lollipop feat 2NE1

Lollipop Part 2

any thoughts? i like their image for the newest one though.... but 2ne1 made the first one so much better lol. im biased, i like CL :S
but i do like both versions!

yesterday was Amelia's birthday and we went for a dinner with other JA ppl. supposed to go to Ebisu, but they gave the table away because we were late and not everyone showed one. thank god, we found a table at Hapa though o.o amazing lol
after dinner, most of the ppl left and we went for shisha!
damn i miss that place...

OH OH, i went to the bay to get my canada hoodie =]
stupid hbc... they stocked up only TWO hoodies at the oakridge location so i was like wtfff?! it was only 9:40 and the store opens at 9:30.. == fml man
so i went to the one at rc right away and asked one of the ppl there. the woman was like oh sorry we dont have it, BUT her coworker behind her overheard us and she said "oh i think we have some at the back" SO OMG. she gave one to me and pui sze. hot damn. in red too!

i actually have no plans today... was gonna go to Aoyama cafe to visit Melissa, but my mom decided to eat at home :/ how rare... so yeah :S gomen ne!
damn, should have slept in today ==
k, im out

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