imeem isnt working because its now under myspace == urghhh
i went to Lady Gaga's concert last night and it was VERY awesome. too awesome for words. she's such a good live singer and so hot LOL
i really wish she had sang Summerboy though ... :( damn it, got owned by Mabel ~_~
afterwards, i wanted to go for milkshake at mcdonalds but we went to blenz instead lol
the wildberry fruitchillo tasted very weird ...
i kinda miss blenz now because we would always customize our own drinks and add random stuff in.
i remember once when i worked with Mabel, we blended a marble loaf (vanilla and chocolate bread) with choco chips and yogurt and milk... and it tasted decent hahahaha. miss those times!

i finished a final yesterday ... but i still have 4 more to go.

live next Friday! lol .... when is our next practice anyways?

my plan for today is to clean up my room and see what i can bring to my new house. gahhh so much to do ==

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