i went to Rogers yesterday evening because my phone was being lame =o=. so then i went in... and i said to the guy
me: could you fix my phone? i cant text and call anyone since the afternoon!
guy: im sorry, we have been experiencing this problem the whole afternoon! even i cant use my phone...
me: oh what... so what can i do?
guy: all you can do is wait... and try to turn it on and off sometimes to retrieve the new signals back *takes my phone and tries to turn it off*

- while its turning off...-

guy: oh hey is that you? wow, plat blonde! *looks up at me and my hair*
me: oh uhh no... hahaha.
guy: oh really? looks like you
me: its a guy by the way. from korea
guy: WHAT you're kidding me. i've got to take a closer look when it turns on

-waits for phone to turn on-

guy: *stares at screen* what the ... thats a guy? *he shoves the phone to his coworker* guy or girl?
guy#2: *stares intently at my phone* girl
guy: its a guy!!
guy#2: whattttt

me: ..... so all i can do it wait? =o=

is anyone curious what picture is on my phone's bg?

G-D-G-D baby baby

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  1. Oi! It's me xD How are you? Sorry I haven't talked to you in ages, still no laptop x_x It's 7am now lol.

    Lol I get that frequently too; girl? guy? I got used to it xD