holy crap, its been more than a month since i've updated.
schools been alright so far and im loving my schedule for this semester.
its kind of weird now... because i still feel like im really busy all the time. however, compared to my schedule in term 1, i shall be super free right now.

last term... i had 5 courses, 2 jobs, band, and JA. i seriously didnt know how i managed it lol
now... im only left with 4 courses and JA =]

speaking of JA, please come out to Feb 4's BANDSHOW! =] for more details, visit the fb page http://www.facebook.com/photos/?ref=sb#/event.php?eid=290336616825&ref=ts

mmm other than that... i should get a job soon. i will probably apply at J2 and see what happens lol i need money T_T speaking of which... CHINESE NEW YEAR IS ALMOST HERE! muahahaha! idk why it has to be on the same day as valentines day though... =o= SIGH. not that i have anyone to spend it with, but still.

oh wtf i just realized its the end of January today. Its Feb tmr ... =o=
i need to extend my deadline.

bad news, im putting Moon Garden by Daishi Dance on repeat again.

haha okay. my WHOLE family is here at my place right now. like 30+ ppl... amazing. I'm getting out of here... PLANET LASER HERE I GO

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