sexpot tokyo hired a new girl called Ai? did they kick Aki out =o=...

i'm still seeting Mayumi updating but Aki...
damn. LOL

that new girl doesn't look as hardcore


recently, i'm thinking whether or not i should quit Blenz yet. the thing that's keeping me are the people and customers. and my boss is just so nice >3<. but then... out of the 7 coworkers... thing are changing. sides / groups are starting to form and things are getting a little complicated. and certainly... the con of staying is the pay for the job ==. i didn't mind it at first, but for everything that we do there, i certainly think we deserve better. and if we're already forming groups and letting the gap sink in between everyone.. i don't really see the purpose of staying any longer.
however, our blenz is going to renovate soon. the new outlook, from what i've heard at least, is going to be quite awesome. (hahaa) but still... closing shifts are still one person and of course... the same pay. (but the new LCD menus do sound quite intimating)

as for my new job... i like it there alot too. everyone is, again, very nice. at least the ones who talk to me... lol. there are the "cool" ones who don't really say anything but i'm okay with that because at least it seems more realistic. i actually still don't know my pay yet... but i think it's minimum wage? (which is like how i started at Blenz except i got a raise there .. lol) but i do certainly hope i'll get a raise sooner and more here. working here of course, isn't as tiring. at least i get to sit and chill, and talk about... random things with my coworkers xD shift isn't so bad either. only 5 hours each time and the latest time i get off is 8:30.

but at the same time, i think i do need two jobs... since i'm completely in debt right now and i plan to repay everyone by the end of the year. but next year, i'll be spending quite a few hundred dollars on cosplays and conventions. not to mention that i need to do band things.

it seems like i have no more time for myself either. its either school, work, work, club, school, work..... lol
quoting pui sze here "fuck, we have no life!" lol.

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