yesterday's live was quite successful... nonetheless of the delayed set up and soundcheck ~_~

thank you everyone for coming to x:Ender's bandshow last night!
other than the weather ... we all had a lot of fun right?
the windy weather was very cold though ... so the last 2 hours before the show we all stayed inside Kai's car =o=

as for upcoming lives, we really don't know.
we might stop doing lives for awhile, because we really want to get some recording done.
hopefully soon? haha

as for pictures... here goes again!

i loved my hair alot! hahaha
loved the top hat :D got it at Closet Child for 800yen only!
thanks Yenju <3

hahaha i like that one last pic alot =]

and crappy pic from my phone lol

damn... i'll miss the stage for awhile (again)

and seriously... why don't ppl just be prepared and bring their amps? stupid ppl asking me for mine == wtfooo

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