wow long weekend! lol, though it doesn't matter much to me since i dont have school on monday anyways. planned to stay home today and just chill lol. been heading out too much these days

met up with Amelia yesterday at downtown and went for shisha (damn, we're quite addicted aren't we?) might go back on victoria's day.
mm... lazertag tmr! finally! and it's also carol's party at night.

damn. ppl are leaving vancouver really soon man .___. like Minako... and Amelia is leaving in early June :( MISA will be incomplete for the summer and only IS remains. sigh.

btw, AS is planning to start our own youtube channel. HA.HA.HA.

OH. next Friday, FABRIC. Peter Chao will be there :D LOLOL photo opportunities omg >3< have to get his autograph for Icy too LOL nice

okay, better start writing the script now.
im outttt

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