wow another week have past!
so i went to fab last night and met pc >3< he didn't talk though.... fail == but he was really nice and got through a lot of people for taking pictures! :D
it was my first time at an asian club and like... its totally asian overload. surprisingly, i thought there are usually more girls clubbing but i saw A LOT of guys last night. jono and charlie were like "wow its a sausage fest in there LOL"
and maybe cuz its asian overload, they played wondergirl's nobody. LOL epicness. i rmb they played alot of kesha's tik tok... and just alot of other good songs =]
so yeah, it was pretty good i guess. except i got kicked out for an hour =o= oh well at least i got back in LMAO.

so Amelia and I are gonna start our own youtube channel. we had this idea about a month ago and we've been writing a lot of scripts these days. at least 12 to film already! maybe one day we'll get famous, then we can participate at those youtube gatherings. THEN
i can meet WONG FU
and like omg. meet wesley chan
omg LOL
amelia will be away for 2 months though... so we'll be inactive for a while in the summer == dang lol
maybe we should just start posting in september.
its all good.

minako and jacob are leaving next week >3< sigh... hope to see u guys soon again

alright. back to script writing.
im out!

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  1. Oh dude, I have a youtube channel. HAHAH ADD ME.
    I wanted to do something like wongfu as well, but nobody wanted to join me. So now I just have random stuff up there.

    I stopped going to fabric, can't take it anymore