holy o.o i havent updated for like a month LOL
busy busy
gonna go job hunting tomorrow... finally =o=
so school is gonna end in a week. time sure flies.
finals for me ends on the 27th. not that bad i guess. driving test the day after! >3< so i finally went to the restaurant julie was talking about at port moody. holy crap it was far! LOL took us an hour to drive from ubc to port moody... food was cheap. but it wasn't great. won't go back again unless we're in the area lol AE is in August and i've pretty much came up with my 3 cosplays already.

1. Grell Sutcliff

2. Alice

3. Len/ Meiko
- either black rock shooter
- imitation black
- normal version

still not sure... :/ imitation black version will be hard. like really. LOL

okay im out lol

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